Putin instructed to defer tax payments for small and medium business

For six months extended the terms of payment of taxes and advance payments of taxes (except VAT) for small and medium business sectors, the worst affected including the spread of a new coronavirus infection. For microenterprises at the same time prolong the terms of payment of insurance contributions to state extra-budgetary funds. In addition, for small and medium business up to 15 percent will reduced the total amount of insurance contributions to the state extra-budgetary funds in respect of the payments and other remuneration in favor of citizens in excess of the minimum wage.

Photo: iStock Putin called the start date of additional payments to families with children

the government together with the Bank before April 20 should be amended to provide for small and medium businesses the right to apply to the Bank and to the various professional creditors with a request for suspension of the term of the obligations under the credit agreement for up to six months as well as the transfer of the payment schedule under the loan agreement (the loan agreement) on the date specified in the appeal. You also need to set the prohibition for creditors to use in the period of suspension of the term of the obligations stipulated by the legislation of the consequences of violation of terms of return.

the President Also ordered to establish for the period up to December 31, inclusive, minimum size of temporary disability benefits in the amount of not less than the minimum wage and increase in the same period, the maximum size of unemployment benefits to one minimum wage.