Putin instructed daily to monitor the situation with coronavirus in the regions

Dear colleagues, good afternoon!

Yesterday, as you know, published a list of instructions for the measures referred to the March 25 appeal to the citizens of Russia. Some of them directly affect the scope of responsibility of regional authorities. Please like the presidential Plenipotentiaries in the regions to ensure their implementation on the ground.

This fully applies to the implementation of the coordination of the government Council and the state Council working group on anti-coronavirus infection.

Pay attention: now essential is effective cooperation between the local, regional and Federal agencies, their work is coordinated in one logic and ahead of the curve.

should Not be complacent, but need is calm, confident and reliable work that strengthens the trust of citizens. Including permanent and objective information on the developments and measures. This is the best response to any kind of provocations, stupid rumors and malicious speculation.

I Appeal to you-representatives of all levels of government: our actions must be reasonable and professional. This approach allowed us to gain time to contain the explosive spread of coronavirus infection in the previous weeks. And this time we have completely and effective to use.

In this regard I instruct you to start monitoring all vital areas. And I will begin with main – from medical care to people who have faced or may encounter the disease. Today is that the threat did not affect a large number of people. But training should be held in all regions and with all calculated scenarios based on the experience of other countries.

Today is that the threat did not affect a large number of people. But training should be held in all regions

you Need to take all necessary in this situation measures. Even if they are people, not in pthe problem seem to be in Russia today is somewhat redundant. As they say, better safe than sorry.

the First in this regard. Appeal to you and to the heads of subjects of Federation: in the coming days you must complete a full inventory of the condition and readiness of medical institutions. It concerns the system of the Ministry of health, the Federal medical-biological Agency, departmental and private clinics and hospitals. Everything should be consolidated in a single database.

including your personal responsibility need details to assess the real willingness of hospital beds, use every opportunity to rapidly increase, if necessary, a reserve of available beds. It is obvious that some hospitals on a temporary basis you will need to completely restructure under the treatment of patients with coronavirus. It is necessary to provide them with the necessary equipment, specialized experts according to the standards of the Ministry of health.

In the regions the situation with the beds in the Fund is different, different from each other. So now you should envisage schemes of interregional interaction, including receiving patients from neighboring regions, as well as travel medical teams, services “first aid” outside of his Federation. I instruct the government in such cases to compensate regional budgets due to the Federal government.

Second. Need to quickly use all the laboratory facilities and deploy additional diagnostic centers in both the public and private health care organizations. To do this, below in the coming days to dramatically increase the volume of testing for coronavirus.

Need to quickly use all the laboratory facilities and deploy additional diagnostics

Also evaluate the capabilities of specialized enterprises in order to connect them to the production of effective test systems. A number of such systems in Russia are already created. Please ensure timely registration of new test systems. Please do not overtighten it. There, gde will require not only Russian but also foreign sample. Now we have to use all the features, and they are. Work with our foreign partners is continuing.

Third. In the treatment of severe complications associated with coronavirus, a highly sought after devices of artificial ventilation of lungs. Here are also asked to make an inventory. Must be a complete picture not just by the number of available vehicles, namely their real readiness to work, including the availability of spare parts and consumables.

we Need to replenish our existing provision for medical ventilators. And of course, additionally you will need people who can work with such installations, have the necessary qualifications. Asked to assist in the organization of additional training for doctors working in such units. I see that our physicians manifest in the majority of cases, amazing dedication, professionalism and discipline. We must support them. And staff shortage in any situation should not be.

overall, it is clear that the load on specialists pulmonologists, emergency physicians, therapists, employees of brigades of “first aid” will seriously increase. So now consider colleagues and measures the involvement of other physicians and, if need be, interns, professors, teachers of medical educational institutions. No less important is ensuring the right mix of nursing staff, including with the involvement of interns and students of medical educational institutions.

In turn constantly keep track of all payments associated with special work conditions of doctors, nurses, other medical staff, workers “first aid” was conducted strictly in time. The necessary resources allocated for this purpose.

Fourth. The most important issue is the provision of medicines. All the drugs that are used now to combat coronavirus and its complications should be established an additional reserve.

FriOE. Focus on older people, who are in the risk group. Here is a very important outreach. You need to convey to everyone: to the citizens of this age group and to their relatives that those who are more than 65 years, now it is better and safer to stay at home. They need to just say: if you want to maintain your health and your life – you have to stay home. We are thinking of you. Consider, please, and you about yourself.

this, of course, it is important to provide them with support, medical care and health monitoring, delivery of food, medicine and other necessities. They must be able to quickly ask for help, to talk about their problems. Dear colleagues, please join with the regional heads to personally supervise this work. This is very important. It has already lead social service volunteers. And separately thank you for it.

once again appeal to all citizens of Russia, show the utmost care of their moms and dads of a certain age, about their grandparents. They always need our support, care, warmth and attention. But now – especially.

Now on preventive, preventive measures designed to slow down the spread of the disease.

the Fact that we managed to prevent the scenario, which has already faced a number of countries, largely due to our experts-epidemiologists. In recent months, they are working hard. And all of their recommendations, requirements should be adhered to. Track and monitor these issues.

First. At the current stage the most important task is to localize potential sources of the spread of the disease.

In this regard, please together with Federal and regional authorities to work to identify those citizens who in the last two weeks back or I will have to return to Russia from countries with unfavorable situation for the coronavirus. For them to be provided dirthey quarantine or isolation, monitoring their health, the health of their families, established their contacts, which could lead to transmission of disease to others.

This work needs to be done really, I want to emphasize, really, in fact, not on paper and not on the reports. No exceptions.

Second. In Moscow and Moscow region for residents, imposed a regime of restrictions and isolation. This measure is justified and necessary for huge, multi-million Metropolitan area, which first collided with the spread of the coronavirus. Please Muscovites and inhabitants of Moscow suburbs to treat these forced, but absolutely necessary steps to preventive and restrictive measures seriously and with full responsibility. It is about your health, safety and lives of those who are close to you.

Third. Already taken measures across the country limit the work of institutions connected with mass stay of people. This clubs, cinemas, shopping centers and so on. However, unfortunately, far not always such a mode is observed, but the local authorities turn a blind eye to such cases. I think that it’s not just a lack of discipline and common sense. This is criminal negligence. And you should treat it.

I Ask you to check and ensure strict compliance with all restrictive measures, to work closely here with law enforcement, regulatory authorities, to respond to the complaints of citizens.

Fourth. Have said that all the structures of the life-support – and in their number of stores of essential goods, pharmacies, public utilities, process industry, authorities this week continued their work. But to him, now must meet particularly high security requirements. This is particularly true of strict observance of sanitary modes, regular disinfection of premises. And must provide personnel with personal protective equipment.

All structuress life-support – and including stores supplies, pharmacy, system utilities, process industry, authorities this week continued their work

In shops, pharmacies need a special service that does not allow dense queues, big crowds of citizens. As experts say, the recommended distance between people is half to two meters. Hope everyone already know about it. It is not a trifle.

as for the so-called continuous industries and governments, it is important to provide flexible work schedules, where possible, to transfer employees to remote mode. Please work and all this is closely monitored. Including to establish a direct permanent contact with the employers, heads of enterprises, regardless of ownership. It is important that enterprises demand for products which are now upgraded, continued smooth operation.

the Next set of questions, which I would like to discuss with you today is the socio-economic situation, the task of Federal and regional authorities to ensure its sustainability.

In this regard the first. For goods of vital necessity already created the necessary reserve and reserve. However, I ask you to continue to monitor the situation, together with colleagues from the regions to prevent local failures in the retail segment of the trade and that is very important for people to control the situation with prices for food, medicines, personal protective equipment, other necessary goods.

is Necessary to completely eliminate any attempt to restrict the flow of goods between regions. We already had this in the past. I want to emphasize that our country is one big family. But here, as the saying goes, “every family has its black sheep”. So please hard to suppress any facts speculations, monopoly price gouging.

Second. All taken at the level of subjects of Federation measures should be justified and coordinated. Regional authorities are required to promptly coordinate their actionsWii, to inform the government and the working group of the state Council. And envoys of the President are requested to ensure strict compliance with this coordination and this order.

Third. At the Federal level have generated a list of systemically important enterprises and industries which need particular monitoring.

In turn, each region should formulate such a list and at your level, that is, in manual mode. There is nothing to fear. You need to ensure the efficiency of such enterprises, and thus the preservation of jobs.

I Ask you to assist regions, including the coordination of work of local businesses and banks operating in the regions.

Adding that the government will provide replenishment of regional guarantee funds to the subjects of the Federation, there are additional opportunities to support the lending business on the ground. Asking the Cabinet to increase funding for such programmes and to accelerate the disbursement of funds. Do not delay, please this.

Fourth. I understand that deferred taxes and other measures to support small and medium-sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs will contribute to regional budgets. They may have lost income.

the President instructed the presidential envoys, together with colleagues from the regions to control the situation with prices for food, medicines and personal protective equipment. Photo: RIA Novosti

But what I want to emphasize and what to pay attention of the colleagues from the regions: although this situation should not cut the current budget expenditures. On the contrary, the task now is to as quickly as possible, without interruption and fully Fund all the planned programmes and contracts. These funds are urgently needed now the economy. They need to work on maintaining people’s employment and their income, the sustainability of enterprises.

of Course, the regional budgets should receive the necessary extra support. Havenow, the subjects of the Federation have the opportunity to use the Treasury loans to cover the so-called “cash gaps”. But only this short term measure can not be limited, this is not enough.

I Instruct the government, the Ministry of Finance to form a complex system of steps and provide the necessary funding to ensure the sustainability of regional budgets. Please envoys to join the effort and to solve this problem, to help objectively evaluate regional needs for additional support and, of course, control – I want to emphasize this – the targeted and effective spending of these funds.

in General, please do not just detail, but on a daily basis to monitor the situation. Recall, for example, that until may 10, the authorities of all regions shall complete the transfer to the tax authorities information from the Registrar. It is necessary that already in June, as saying in an address to the citizens of the country to begin payments to families with children 3 to 7 years inclusive. Please provide the regions with all necessary information and methodological support in the implementation of this and other orders.