Sint-Niklaas, The police force of Sint-Niklaas, was on Monday attacked in the house of the executive board of the Gallery. As a company, there is a large amount of anti-bacterial gels to be stored, which is already eight years past due. The due date was, however, the road has been scratched. In a shop, where the old tubes were, it was a fraud and warned the police.

the coronacrisis at the moment there is a small amount of anti-bacterial handgels. A company based in Sint-Niklaas, wilde seems to have a piece of the action, and it was a small business started in the this one or more. It seems to be a very old stock, which the company had been bought out, and that is manufactured after the outbreak of the dengue fever virus in Africa. The sole issue is: is the handgels had a maturity date of October 2012. The scammers had the last two digits of road has been scratched on the bottle, making it appear as though the maturity date of October 2020, it was. It is also investigated whether the train was fitted with a new cover. In this case, there is doubt as to whether the train is indeed anti-bacterial gel for hold.

‘ But when it comes to anti-bacterial gel, it is a fact that it is already eight years overdue, and, therefore, the people have a false sense of security”, sounds like it’s in a vulnerable place of purchase. It was in a box of 24 pcs is offered in the store to sell it. The fraud, however, it was noticed and reported it to the police. It fell Monday into the inside of the house, in the executive board of the Gallery. The managing director of the company, in the arcade, and several hotel properties. In one of them, that is, a stock sale will be held. A week ago Friday, it was also a deliberate handgels available. The store was beautiful and the coronamaatregelen, in fact, do not open it. An inflated price and were not used. The handgels have been sold to 2.95 euros a bottle. Shopping in consignment to sell, they asked for € 1.50.

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