Football, the Spanish football clubs in revenues, failed to ask some of the teams, including FC Barcelona and Athletic, a temporary point of view, the staff, the maximum benefit in Spain amounted to eur 1,411,83 euros for everyone. The Barça president Bartomeu will try to take his players to be spared, and came up with a proposal to set up during the period in which it is not football that is the salaries by 70 per cent to bring it back. Lionel Messi and co. were initially not wild about it, but according to the Catalan media in Sport is an agreement, yet now they are closer to you.

In Spain there are nearly 800,000 workers, over the past week in a temporary unemployment, where, for a period of time for a payment to get it. It is called in Spain, is a ERTE, a temporary regulation of the employment that is removed can be ground to a halt the economy starts to function properly. This ERTE is a special arrangement for the companies in which they have 75% of the social security contributions of their employees to save money.

to Maximum benefit of eur 1,411,the 83 euro –

a Lot of the big companies in the country, so that a temporary rate of unemployment claimed, and, for some, professional football teams were found in the ERTE to also have a way out. In order not to be discriminatory, would like to (or want to) clubs like FC Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, rcd Espanyol, and the first to create a ERTE, have announced that, in addition to the office staff, even the players in the scheme to take with them.

that’s The big problem with this is that, and how much you’ve earned, and the maximum allowance in Spain for eur 1,411,83 euro) per month. The change is for the players, for example, in Barcelona, on a monthly basis, on average, one million euros of cash, of course, the big such as Real Madrid. That is why the clubs to take the players to agree on a ‘reasonable’ discount on the wages.