YouTuber Casey Neistat has been derided as the epitome of infantilism after he unironically revealed his wish to have lived through the wars and crises of the first half of the 20th century, instead of ever going online.

“If you could be born at anytime in history when would it be?” Neistat asked of his Twitter followers on Sunday night. “For me 1900,” he then said, answering himself.

if you could be born at anytime in history when would it be?? explain

The vlogger explained his peculiar choice by saying he wants to fight first in World War I, then live through the ‘roaring 20s’ and the Great Depression, then go onto World War II.

After the Axis powers capitulate, the 39-year-old YouTuber would want to somehow grow old peacefully past the age of 80 “and die … before all this internet bulls**t begins.”

Following his escapist confession, Neistat immediately faced backlash online, in the form of commenters mocking him for being “infantile” and for “understanding history via movies.”

“Are you sure you’d die in the 80’s?” asked one history lover, quipping, “‘Cause there are 4 instances in that timeline in which you can die really easily.”“4? A day you mean,” replied another, rolling with the joke.

When you only understand history via movies

He thinks war is like in the film’s, that’s why.A lot of infantile brains can’t actually imagine the horrors.Imagine wanting to be reborn just to kill other humans…twice.

die while being borndie from measlesdie from tuberculosis die in WWIdie in the 1919 pandemic die or paralyzed from poliodie of starvation during the Great Depressiondie in WWIIdie in an automobile accident because no seat belts

4? A day you mean.

Quite a few commenters diagnosed Neistat with “Protagonist Syndrome,” for seemingly thinking he was the invincible main character of life.

This right here is called protagonist syndrome

He’s got protagonist syndrome and wishes his life was more like the movies he watches

Some were simply baffled by Neistat basically comparing his supposed dislike for the internet to worldwide tragedies. Others even thought he was being hypocritical, since he became rich and famous online.

Yet another moron who has no idea how much better off we are in modern times than at any point in human history. Boohoo internet drama, boohoo.

Aren’t you famous… because of the internet?

Despite the layers of criticism levelled at the YouTuber, a few commenters could not understand everybody’s problem with Neistat’s rationale. “Everyone [is] just driving Casey’s point home of getting out before the internet started. For me, I’d choose the wild west…” tweeted one person, starting to describe his own fantasy.

Lol everyone in this thread just driving Casey’s point home of getting out before the internet started ?. For me, I’d choose the wild west, find Jessy James merry band of thieves & live out a short/sweet adventure packed existence. Retire w/loot & live w/a native american tribe

Neistat originally rose to fame in the early 2000s as a video blogger. Over the years, he has managed to convert his online prominence into lucrative deals with established media entities like HBO and CNN, making him a multimillionaire.

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