According to a media report, former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder was robbed. Accordingly, three works of art were stolen from the hallway of his Bundestag authority. The former chancellor has already filed a criminal complaint. The public prosecutor’s office in Berlin is now investigating.

According to research by “stern”, two printing blocks and a graphic were stolen from the hallway in front of the Bundestag offices of the former Chancellor. They came from Schröder’s private possession and had been hanging in the publicly accessible area in front of his offices in the Otto-Wels-Haus for 16 years. The police in the Bundestag confirm that the former chancellor filed a complaint against unknown persons on Monday. The public prosecutor’s office in Berlin has started the investigation.

It is not the first incident in the vicinity of Schröder’s offices. As the “stern” learned, the reenactments have also reached the previously protected area of ​​Schröder’s office in the Bundestag – employees now regularly lock themselves in the office for fear of hostilities.

Since the start of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, former Chancellor Schröder has been heavily criticized for his Russian connections. Most recently, he was nominated by Gazprom for the supervisory board. However, Schröder has no intention of accepting the offer.

Schröder has been close friends with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin since his time as chancellor (1998 to 2005). In March he traveled to Moscow to talk to Putin. In the only interview so far in the New York Times after the start of the war of aggression against Ukraine, Schröder made it clear that he was still willing to use the good connections to mediate between Russia and Ukraine.

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