Remember the rumor that Tesla was working on a refreshed and improved version of the Model 3 known as Project Highland? It looks like this information may have been correct. Photos have now been posted on Twitter, most likely showing a facelifted prototype, as much of the vehicle is covered by camouflage and manufacturer’s plates are also fitted.

Twitter user omg_Tesla/Rivian spotted the prototype in a parking lot in Santa Cruz, California, and snapped several photos that even through the camouflage show some of the changes Tesla will be making.

For example, you can see that there appears to be a camera in the top corner of the headlight, which the current model doesn’t have – if it’s a camera, it’s probably there to help eliminate a blind spot and possibly the ability too of the vehicle to “see” when driving yourself.

Given how much of the front end is hidden under the camouflage, we suspect it also hides a new front bumper design and maybe even a different hood design (otherwise they wouldn’t have bothered to extend it all the way to the windshield to camouflage).

Not much (if any) will likely change on the front fenders. While the headlights themselves and bumper look different, they will work in tandem with the same fenders currently fitted to all Model 3s.

The rear is also heavily camouflaged, with only the side reflectors and part of the LED taillights peeking through the camouflage – however, the design itself doesn’t appear to be any different. Just like the front, the entire bumper is concealed, as is the trunk lid, strongly suggesting these will be redesigned for the refreshed version of the model.

We’ve seen various comments from people who aren’t convinced that this is a real Tesla prototype, but between the high-quality, custom-made camouflage (like what all other manufacturers have been using for years) and the manufacturer’s markings as well as the possible cameras in the headlight housings, we’re pretty sure it’s a real model.

Or it could just be a Tesla owner who wants to protect their vehicle from the harshness of the California winter…even when reversing.

This article was written by Manuel Lehbrink

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