Soccer professional Atakan Karazor from VfB Stuttgart is still in custody in Ibiza. A hearing that had been hoped for on Monday fell through – for organizational reasons.

Hearing postponed: The allegations that are in the room weigh heavily. Stuttgart professional Atakan Karazor has been in custody on the Balearic island of Ibiza since Friday. An 18-year-old Spaniard reported the professional and his 25-year-old friend to the local police, saying they raped her in a villa in the municipality of Sant Josep. The local newspaper ” Periódico de Ibiza y Formentera ” was the first to report this. The men had hoped for their case to be heard on Monday, but this had to be postponed by a few days because the judge responsible has a few days off, writes the “Bild”.

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Prison is overcrowded: The “Centro Penintenciario” prison in which Karazor is being held is also completely overcrowded, the newspaper writes. The approximately 100 inmates are housed four in a cell. It is one of the last prisons in Spain where this is done, reports the Spanish newspaper ” Diario de Ibiza “. Karazor has still not asked for consular assistance.

Procedure can be lengthy: A spokeswoman for the judicial authorities of the Balearic Islands said at “Bild”: The two Germans were sent to custody on Friday without the possibility of bail, a new hearing is not planned for the time being.” In addition, the procedure could drag on for weeks or months. Up to two years of pre-trial detention is permitted by law in Spain. Since the responsible judge is not on duty at all at the moment, as “Bild” has learned, a new development is not to be expected on Tuesday.