The Megxit is completed. Since 1. April Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan officially their own way. This also means that the couple can now earn, regardless of the crown’s money. They put on a successful Hollywood agent. How the “Daily Mail” reported, they are in the “Gersh Agency” under the contract, which is, among other things, for the Management of Superstars such as Kristen Stewart (29), Adam Driver (36) or Tobey Maguire (44) responsible. Specifically, Harry and Meghan by Nick Collins will be looked after, an agent of the Duchess knows from her time as a TV actress.

The is likely to be related to the time properly to. As the newspaper reported, could bring the work with the Royals millions of dollars. Meghan went ahead with a good Conscience, and drew a first Job as a Disney spokesperson in the country. The Couple should also have requests from alcohol companies, pharmaceutical companies, banks, sports brands or showbiz get.

“which is Offered in The floods clean -”

“The information is purely floods. Some of them fit absolutely to them and their ideas of charity, others turn exclusively to commit Harry and Meghan as advertising faces,” says an Insider.

But Harry has given Collins and his Team one restriction: The Couple will not have a Job, the “against the Queen” goes. “Harry wants to start a media war,” reveals the Insider. “There should be no bad blood more. Everything that is in any way negative against the Queen, Prince Charles, Harry’s brother, or the crown, is off the table.”

The offer of a guest-role in “The Simpsons” is likely the Couple did not exercise more. For the First you will hear from Meghan and Harry but anyway, thanks a lot. As the Couple announced, taking it to the Megxit a months-long break from the Public. (klm)