After much hesitation, Germany is now delivering Marder armored personnel carriers to the Ukraine. Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced this together with US President Joe Biden on Thursday. The national press reviews of the German tank delivery.

“FAZ”: “After France, Germany and the United States also announce that they will deliver light tanks to Ukraine. Berlin wants to support Kyiv more without becoming a party to the war itself.”

“Welt”: “A symbol of Olaf Scholz’s half-hearted help to Ukraine. The federal government celebrates that it is now supplying armored personnel carriers to Ukraine. But the drama that preceded the Marder deliveries shows once again: the Chancellor’s hesitation follows a system that only allows one conclusion. (…) He waits as long as possible and only delivers when the allies do so and the pressure on Germany becomes too great.”

“Zeit”: “Following France’s announcement, Germany and the USA now also want to support Ukraine with battle tanks. Germany wants to supply the Marder infantry fighting vehicle and the USA the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle.”

“Image”: “Will he still become a tank chancellor?” Scholz sends dozens of ‘marders’ to Ukraine. (…) The chancellor dares to turn around the tanks – at least the first step.”

“SZ”: “Germany is significantly expanding its military support for Ukraine: the federal government intends to deliver Marder-type armored personnel carriers.”

“Stern”: “After months of hesitation, Germany is now supplying Ukraine with Marder infantry fighting vehicles and Patriot anti-aircraft missiles. The deliveries now promised by France, Germany and the USA mark (…) a change of strategy: Bradley and Marder are not main battle tanks – but they are considered powerful enough to take on Russian tanks.”

“Tagesspiegel”: “Chancellor changing course: Germany is supplying the Ukraine with a Marder infantry fighting vehicle and a Patriot anti-aircraft system. Following commitments from the USA and France, the German government has now announced new arms deliveries to Ukraine. President of Ukraine Zelensky thanks him.”

“Spiegel”: “France first made it public, now the USA and Germany are following suit: the federal government wants to supply Ukraine with Marder armored personnel carriers. According to Spiegel information, they also want to add to the Gepard anti-aircraft tank.”