Update from January 31: As the British “Daily Mail” reports, Tom L. is said to have been the grandson of a notorious Nazi war criminal. L. confirmed to MailOnline that his grandfather was Ernst Kaltenbrunner, leader of the SS in Austria and later police chief in wartime Germany.

Kaltenbrunner was a staunch supporter of Adolf Hitler to the end and one of the main actors in the Holocaust. He set up the Mauthausen concentration camp, the first of its kind in Austria, where around 90,000 people were murdered.

Obritz is a tranquil little town in the market town of Hadres in Lower Austria, 563 people live there. One of them is the Austrian book author Tom L., who, with his British partner and six small children under the age of five, set up a home in wine cellars under the municipality of Obritz near Hadres, as reported by the British “Daily Mail”.

Local residents have repeatedly complained about the 54-year-old, reports ORF. You heard children’s voices from the basement and wanted to check. When the youth welfare office rang, the 54-year-old did not let them in, threatened them with pepper spray and barricaded himself with the children in the wine cellar. The couple are very likely to be “preppers”, people who are preparing for the end of the world, according to the police on RTL.

On the orders of the public prosecutor’s office in Korneuburg, the cellar was finally opened and Tom L. arrested. “Since the identity of the children could not be clarified on site, they were temporarily placed in the care of the social work department of the Hollabrunn district authority,” said a police spokesman.

Mayor Erich Greil has long been suspect of the man. “We knew that he was sometimes in the wine cellars. Those aren’t dark holes in the ground, there’s water, electricity and a toilet,” says Greil. And further: “There are cameras everywhere outside of the buildings in which he and his family live.” There were barricades in the wine cellar, and weapons were also found.

According to “Bild” information, Tom L. is now free again. There was no evidence of neglect in the children.

In “Hart aber fair” a spokeswoman for the “Last Generation” fabulates about a “social council” whose measures would actually be implemented. Under the guise of climate protection, a kind of eco-socialism is being propagated here. That is anti-democratic and misplaced.

Two people were killed and seven injured in a knife attack on a regional train from Kiel to Hamburg on Wednesday. A man attacked travelers with a knife before arriving at Brokstedt station. The suspect is known to the police and has been arrested. All news in the ticker.