The belgian football’s smaller clubs asked me yesterday to join briefgericht in the Pro League for her to take some responsibility” – for which read ‘ in order for the league to stop it. AA Gent took over and it has no formal position, but through the president’s well-The White one will do for the Buffalo today. AA Gent will find that it is still too early to come to a stop to ask questions. “Our heart goes out to the eventual completion of the 30th day. If at all possible, with the health measures.” The F11 yesterday in an open letter to the Pro League, and chairman of the Peter Croonen, in which they ask the league to stop it. What is the opinion of a-Gent?

White: . “We think that we should keep in mind that we are in full coronacrisis and the government yesterday decided to put the measures to be extended up to 19 april, with a likely extension until may 3. We believe that it would be likely to testify to the common sense to think that there are may 3, may have a flexibility, and that flexibility might be, in the first instance, it is not going to be about the organisation of the games. Therefore, it is our view that we have to take into account the resilience and the positions the government will take over. And it’s only on that basis can we have a decision to make.”

you can also Read the Small clubs to write a letter to the Pro League, “Just play football, it would just be extra cost”

“If there is a decision to come to, want to, AA Gent, not dismissed as an opportunist who is now in the second place, to hold, AA Gent has a single point more than the airport and it can, in principle, the second place is still losing, if day 30 is finished, ed.]. We would like to take part in any kind of decision that is reasonable, and give effect to the decision of the government. Our preference is for the eventual completion of the 30th and final day of the regular season. If at all possible, with the health. But I doubt to be honest with. If you are unable to take the last day off of work, it’d be better to have a termination. The clubs will then provide a breathing space for the next season to prepare for it.”