we had not expected this from them.

In almost a decade, Liverpool’s american owners have built up a solid reputation. They have won titles. They have listened to the fans. They have not drained the club of money.

They have respected Liverpool’s socialist values, rooted in the city’s proud working class.

Around them have rival teams has been ruled by cynical capitalists, a Russian oligark and states that have violated a number of human rights. For the neutral have Liverpool been easy to like.

But in koronavirusets time have Liverpool now been the big, bad wolf. And it is through a decision that is both shameful and harmful.


Saturday announced the Liverpool, which since 2010 has been owned by the american company Fenway Sports Group, that they will lay off several of its employees – around 200 pieces.

laid off in the united Kingdom can recover 80 percent of their income up to 2 500 pounds per month (around 32 000). Liverpool will pay the remaining 20 percent and let the tax arrange the rest.

This will therefore save Liverpool for around 6.4 million dollars per month.

Football clubs around the world are struggling as a result of koronaviruset, which has stopped all the big leagues in Europe. Teams must still pay the players salaries, without the money from the ticket sales and tournaments. Some of them can also miss the very important TV money.

It is no wonder that clubs, leagues and organisations within football want to play games again as quickly as possible.

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thus, the conservation measures to expect, and 6.4 million sounds a lot. But when one looks at what the summer Liverpool will operate, it seems that lommerusk.

Liverpool’s income was around nok 6.8 billion last season, the seventh highest in the world. In 2017/18 was the profit before tax 1.6 billion pounds – the world record for a football club. The previous season paid Liverpool 550 million pounds to agents.

Now, in order to save a fraction of this, using the club therefore of a government scheme that is meant to protect society’s most unfortunate.

Cynical owners

The strange thing with this is that Liverpool were supposed to have the “good” owners in the top of the Premier League. It’s the other top clubs who often have been criticized for what the owners have done.

Roman Abramovitsj, who has owned Chelsea since 2003, for example, much of his fortune by getting the oil company Sibneft, a bargain from the Russian state after a secret agreement with president Boris Yeltsin, a few years after the downfall of the Soviet union.

FROWNED upon: Ole Gunnar Solskjær along with Manchester United’s owners, Joel and Avram Glazer.

Foto: Joan Monfort / AP

the Glazer family has since 2005 put Manchester United in debt and used the club’s strong brand to drain the club of money, partly through costumes and tickets paid for by the fans.

in Total, the Glazer family cost United more than 10 billion in interest, dividends and other expenses, according to the newspaper The Guardian.

And since 2008, has the royal family in Abu Dhabi used Manchester City as a tool to prove its international reputation. More recently it has oljestaten also used the City as a part of its investment strategy and foreign policy.

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This is only a summary of the various rullebladene. This despite Liverpool so managed to become England’s most ” toppklubb in koronavirusets time.

Romans hotels

the City has already said that they are not going to utilize the state’s measures. Chelsea has opened the doors to their hotel at Stamford Bridge for the medics who are unable to go home between those long as he addresses north korea.

And now reports, several british newspapers that nor does United plan to lay off some.

Should United confirm that they will pay all of their employees in the course of the crisis, it will be the easiest PR victory over Liverpool.

Liverpool is still a likeable club in most areas. They have a coach in Jürgen Klopp who always speaks with compassion and reason when he is asked about politics and society.

It has a captain in Jordan Henderson who has tried to get the rest of the captains in the Premier League to donate money to the state’s health care system.

Liverpool helps both the hospital and matsentraler in the local community.

So why risk a good reputation in order to save a couple million?

Have done almost everything right

Fenway, after all, has much to lose on this.

So far, they have done almost everything right as the owners. The company, which is owned by businessman John W. Henry and TV producer Tom Werner, has built out the mythical Liverpool instead of moving the club’s home. They have hired one of the world’s best coaches in Klopp.

Under Fenway has Liverpool done knallsterke purchase and won mesterligaen with brilliant football.

the Team now leads the league with 25 points and almost guaranteed to win their first title in 30 years, so the true season not being cancelled.

Fenway has not taken a penny out of the club. Instead, they have used the sporting success to increase the club’s revenue. To be a team that so many fans love to hate, has Liverpool been easy to like.

But a reputation does not take a long time to destroy.

Butcher’s club

today was the Uk’s top journalists and commentators lining up to slaughter Liverpool because of permitteringen.

In the weekend went stopperlegenden Jamie Carragher hard out against his own club on Twitter.

Loads Twitter content Could not load the content, but you can go to twittermeldingen.

– Jürgen Klopp showed compassion for all in the beginning of the pandemic, where more players were involved. The players in the Premier League are taking wage cuts. All the respect and benevolence is lost, this is bad, wrote Carragher on Twitter.

Other teams in the league have also laid off employees – as Bournemouth, Newcastle, Norwich – but all of these have smaller budgets than Liverpool. Tottenham have done it, and reaped criticism, but the manager there is beinharde Daniel Levy. You expected nothing else.

Liverpool are expected to have stronger values. This is the club that was built by Bill’, the legendary scotsman who more than any other coach in Liverpool’s history managed to tie the club to the man in the street.

Now supportergruppen Spirit of ‘ written open letter to Liverpool’s managing director, Peter Moore, where they ask for an explanation of permitteringen.

– We are concerned about the damage this inflicts our club’s reputation and values, writes the group.

Will not be forgotten

It has the reason to be. Up to now all except the most bitter opponents unte Liverpool the league title, as well as they have played this season. Now the club is fast get more enemies from different quarters.

In a time where most people struggle, where small companies go under, where Britain’s health service needs every penny it can get, will not be Liverpool’s decision to be forgotten with the first.

It is a PR own goal without equal.

Now it remains to be seen what this decision will cost Liverpool in the form of lost fans and sponsors. No will be associated with a styrtrik club that uses tax dollars. After all judging will permitteringen cost Liverpool more money than it will save.

the Fans can only hope that Liverpool’s owners regret. In 2016 increased the club fares from 59 to 77 pounds, which led to 10 000 fans left Liverpool in protest 77 minutes into the next home game. The protest was so effective that the board made the turnaround.

The best they can do now, is to react in the same way.