Ports of the Baltic sea did not stop their work and help with masks

multi-purpose transshipment complex (mmpk) “Bronka”, the only deep water port of Saint-Petersburg can accept vessels with length of up to 347 metres, a width of 50 meters and a draft up to 13 meters. He specializiruetsya in handling containers, ro-ro and General cargo. In a pandemic all staff not engaged in direct production, transferred to work remotely.

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS employees of the Russian nuclear power plant was transferred to the “barracks”

But for employees whose presence at the workplace is necessary, almost nothing has changed. “Regardless of quarantine measures in the port area constantly operates a medical center, doctors and paramedics who strictly monitor the health status of employees, – told “RG” CEO “Bronka Group” Nikita Moores. – We follow all recommendations of the state bodies to prevent the spread of coronavirus: supply staff with masks and gloves, provide visitors and employees with disinfectants. In addition to the regular wet cleaning of all premises disinfection, and some kvartsevanie”.

Difficulties in the work of the port, the pandemic has brought. Another thing is that there is some confusion of many participants in the transport market, including foreign companies. But it is not insurmountable.

the Largest in the European part of Russia specialized coal terminal JSC “Rosterminalugol”, which operates in the port of Ust-Luga, also strengthened the protection of workers: all provided with respirators and disinfectant sprays in an individual package.

Photo: Alex Maligawa/ RIA Novosti Change is the transportation system of the country in pandemic

– On the terminal running clinic, where medical personnel performed a visual inspection and thermometry of each employee before going on shift, – told in the company. – At the entrance to the administrative building body temperature employees is additionally measured non-contact thermal imagers. In all office buildings is made by wet cleaning using disinfectants, and buses bringing employees to the terminal, disinfected after each flight.

this port company care not only about their staff but about their families and about the situation with the spread of the coronavirus in General. For example, “Rosterminalugol” has got them respirators – 10 pieces per family. A “Bronka group” business is not just limited to port activities moved its spinning plant for the production of reinforced thread for medical masks.

– Until the end of April it is planned to produce over 200 million meters of white thread, with different physical and mechanical parameters to ensure the possibility of accelerated release of medical masks as the leading enterprises and companies with not the most modern equipment, – said the company.

by the Way, in Leningrad region is now undergoing a large-scale action #dobryana to join not only individual volunteers but also the entire company. “Bronka” supplies products to veterans and invalids of the great Patriotic war living in the region.

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