Cupra drivers have the most points in Flensburg. In 2021, 8.1 percent of the owners of a car from the SEAT subsidiary stated that they had at least one point in the city in Schleswig-Holstein.

Cupra thus replaces Porsche in first place for the first time. The proportion of point offenders at the Stuttgart sports car manufacturer is still comparatively high at 7.3 percent. Jaguar and Tesla owners follow with 6.6 percent and 6.4 percent.

The proportion of point sinners at Cupra is around 69 percent higher than the average of all car brands considered. A total of 4.8 percent of CHECK24 customers have entries in the driver aptitude register of the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

“The Cupra car brand is relatively new on the market and mainly appeals to young people thanks to its lower prices and sporty equipment,” says Dr. Rainer Klipp, Managing Director of Motor Vehicle Insurance at CHECK24. “This clientele also has the most points in Flensburg.”

Furthermore, 6.5 percent of coupe and roadster drivers in 2021 stated that they had points in Flensburg. This means that sporty cars are clearly at the top of the list when it comes to points. Station wagons (5.3 percent) and convertibles (5.0 percent) follow in the other places. Overall, the proportion of coupe and roadster points sinners is a third higher than the average.

“Only a few insurers increase the vehicle premium based on points,” says Dr. Rainer Klipp, Managing Director of vehicle insurance at CHECK24. “However, the information should always be given truthfully so as not to jeopardize insurance cover.”

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