Polyclinics have started to move to isolation

13-day self-isolation.

the Nurse who took the tests, warned that the test will be ready immediately. On the third day we already started a little nervous, and called the clinic.

good-hearted woman in charge of the subject, reassured me as best he could: “Results are not ready yet, but you do not worry if the analysis is bad you must contact. And if all is well, then call will not be”. Said the same thing and a nurse from the pediatric clinic.

Another day – and, in theory, we can get out of the house. At least take out the trash or go buy bread. But if there is no absolute certainty that we are not the carriers of the virus, if we can break the prison?

Photo: Sergei Nikolayev/WG the who issued guidelines on nutrition in conditions of quarantine

the same question occurred to me in connection with other situations. Toothache wisdom, and so that sleep was impossible. I drank painkillers and called the same hotline of the regional Ministry of health. Question – how do I to act under quarantine, if you need emergency help?

the Girl at the end of the phone line explained to me that in this case, to break the isolation can. The main thing – to make an appointment with a warning that I’m on quarantine. In the clinic I must issue a certificate in case someone comes to check on me home, and me at this time will not.

the Scheme seemed to me inadequate. Where is the guarantee that I, not knowing exactly, I have the virus or not, no one will infect along the way, even if I use your car? Armed with analgesics and folk remedies, I decided to get the tooth to wait at least until the end of the quarantine.

But then came the other questions. In Nizhny Novgorod onarea until further notice stopped the planned visits to clinics. This applies to screening tests, vaccinations, and annual checkups. Exceptions were emergency dental and medical examinations for employment, conscription and medical-social expertise. Hospitals have suspended planned hospitalization of patients. Only emergency cases.

Photo: iStock How not to get bored in isolation: recommendations “RG”

Issues a lot. It is clear that the whole health system is now overstretched. And the task of physicians, including to protect many citizens from outlets on the street. But what about vaccinations? Moreover, the who has called the rejection of the planned vaccination one of the main threats to mankind.

There are other things. That will, for example, with the management of pregnancy in antenatal clinics? Indeed, in “peace” time, I try to just skip the next planned reception… I decided to call in consultation and to clarify if now is the time to register for pregnancy?

the receptionist advised me to wait a while. “If you do not care, better take care of yourself now. Call in a week, maybe something will change. And if not – we may record you to the doctor not through the “patient Portal”, and on the phone”, – said the employee of the consultation.

Another problem was voiced by the friend. On the second of April she was assigned to the endoscopic examination in the paid medical centre. Serious procedure, performed under General anesthesia. Training is appropriate. First had to be tested for 1500 rubles, then sit on a special strict diet. Before the admission she got a call from the hospital and said that all the tests the doctor canceled when you have a chance to enroll – is unknown. But again, tests again, money, again training…

Photo: iStock Residents of Lipetsk in isolation began to play with the kids on the roof

“In government clinics that provide commercial services, also cancelled a similar survey – said the friend. Question, when you have the chance to come, answered that nobody knows. And I was to confirm or refute not the most pleasant disease to sit now in limbo – this is another test.”

Another story happened at a friend’s. He was looking for an opportunity to get insulin for mother-hating to let her go to the clinic to get a prescription, to put it mildly, dangerous. “I had to communicate with the hospital management, he said. But they themselves are not quite sure how can she get the recipe. Eventually they came for him, I then went down to the pharmacy on the first floor, they gave me medication. To deliver to the house and refused to themselves and using volunteers.”

Questions piling up. Something is decided in manual mode, something delayed. It is hoped that answers will be found soon. Moreover, the regime of self-isolation will last for the whole April. Nothing to do with pregnancy, nor with the wisdom tooth will not stick out.

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