To date, there is no indication as to what the PlayStation 5 might look like. Sony is Silent – although the Japanese company has recently made with the dual scythe Controller is a first step. But it is precisely this point of the Gamepad, which allows to draw conclusions on the Design of the PS5?

PlayStation 5 in multiple colors

This, at least, a Designer from the U.S. state of Georgia thought. Brian Worton has caught the sense Dual-Controller and the PlayStation 5 is outlined. In doing so, he is oriented, at least as far as the V – neck on the Devkit, which is seen here on a photo. Inside mobile phone

Thus, the Designer has created a concept that looks not so far-fetched and inconceivable appears. In addition to a white variant of the PS5, the fits to the presented Controller, Worton dyed the console black and gray. The extent to which Sony shows flexible here remains to be seen. In the past, the Japanese are oriented at a non-color: Black. Inside mobile phone dual sense Controller with LED lighting?

Sony’s new PlayStation 5 Controller sets a clear contrast to the DualShock 4. First of all, because he’s white and not black. In addition, the Japanese have changed the Position of the light beam. The DualShock 4 Controller, the Lightbar is located on the top of the Controller. The new Controller slips to the side next to the Touchpad and gives him a slightly larger appearance.

But Sony keeps a Detail for the dual-sense Controller is still under lock and key? If you look at the following concept of the Fans, the glowing keys for a Wow effect. It would probably be a big Surprise would be Sony install in the Controller, the LEDs that illuminate the keys. Finally, the company is more interested in a long battery life of the controller for the PS5. Nevertheless, a great idea.

more Design ideas for the PS5

by the Way: Here we have collected many more concept ideas for the PlayStation 5. Also, significantly more crazy ideas to show, than that of Worton.

This article was written by Blasius Kawalkowski

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