Newly registered on the list of flower farms in Quebec, Pivoinerie Lili in Saint-Albert, in the Centre-du-Québec region, opened its fields to the public for pick-your-own this summer and will continue this activity until mid-September. Aside from its star flower, the farm features more than 15 varieties of flowers, including gladioli, sunflowers, and dahlias. What to leave after a day outdoors with a well-stocked bouquet!

Lizianne Fortier changed her life by chance, falling in love with a farmer she met on Tinder. The call of the sea and of Cupid will have been powerful enough for her to leave a job in marketing in telecommunications and at the same time throw off her urban life. The adventurer has set sail for the countryside with the project of making her small business flourish there.

Five years ago, she planted her first peony plants in the field. “The special thing about these flowers is that you only harvest leaves for the first three years! she says. It is also an expensive crop, which explains why few people make it their specialty in Quebec. Impatient to see her project blossom, she sowed other flowers and got caught up in her own game.

In the spring, 40,000 tulips bloom in her field starting on Mother’s Day, which also launches the start of U-pick at Pivoinerie Lili. The season continues in June with the blooming of 8,000 peonies of 115 different cultivars and a wide range of colours. Other varieties of flowers invite themselves to the ball over the summer.

Despite the number of flowers among the most dazzling that have established themselves in its lands, the peony remains the queen of all. Last year, the farmer finally saw the generous pompoms of her peonies emerge, of which she has 150 varieties. La Pivoinerie Lili sells them to wholesalers and suppliers, but especially to individuals, in floral subscriptions, pick-your-own and plants (to be ordered now, because peonies are planted in autumn).

“The peony blooms profusely and can provide up to 40 flowers per plant. It is easily divided and shared, whether in bouquets or in the ground. It is also a flower that can be kept for several months in a cold room and is robust enough to withstand travel,” she says, motivating her choice. Finally, it is said that the peony can survive its gardener, and sometimes up to 100 years. What three years of waiting on a century of beauty!

La Pivoinerie Lili also offers a range of edible products (because peony petals can be eaten), as well as products for the home and body and face care. “Peony root has the property of being emollient. It also fades dark spots and scars,” she says. Added to the home care products is a perfume for which the entrepreneur has hired a nose (or perfumer) to create a formulation that smells the same as her skincare range.

Located 1 hour 30 minutes from Montreal, and as much from Quebec, the farm is open on weekends, in addition to the week, for self-picking. A series of one-off events also take place on the farm; An evening in my meadow covers different themes – peonies and champagne, yoga in the fields, tastings and floral creations… – according to the inspirations of the founder of the brand, who wishes to share her knowledge, encourage the purchase of local flowers. and create experiences in symbiosis with nature.

Pivoinerie Lili products are available online and in some twenty points of sale in Quebec. They are also found on the farm in a self-service formula. “People come in and help themselves. They then make the transfer themselves or put the amount in a box, she explains. It is based on trust and respect. And that is the philosophy behind my business. Every month, I give flowers to organizations. I think it often does me more good than the person receiving them. Flowers are not an essential good, but they sow happiness. »