I am a being in search of freedom which is built little by little, sometimes navigating with difficulty through the wrath of reality. Sartre believes that existence precedes essence. It’s not false. Because we are not born a woman, we become one.

Freedom is embodied by the absence of constraint. To be free, one must be free from shackles, alienation and tyranny. But it would be simplistic to believe that all are born free and equal. As John Rawls puts it, our democratic system provides mechanisms that guarantee freedom. However, this is greatly limited. It is our duty to dismantle these systemic pitfalls. This is the foundation of democracy and its mechanisms of redistribution and recognition. Hannah Arendt emphasizes that in the face of this terrifying world, action is the assertion of political power and the actual manifestation of freedom. You have to make it bloom as it should. Otherwise, we run to our loss.

That I know so little, after all. That knowledge is forged very slowly. That thought is built by dint of questions and doubts. That the final truth does not exist. She transforms. I distrust those who claim to have it. The best way to learn is to listen. Really listen.

Saying to my boyfriend “I love you forever”. I promised myself never to say forever. But life has moving surprises in store for us, such as romantic engagement. When it grabs us, it is impossible to resist. Otherwise, learn to pick up my brothel.

In times of existential fatigue, Albert Camus allowed me to find meaning in life. That of understanding that, faced with the absurdity of everyday life, we can always revolt. Rebellion is the key to freedom. Besides, he was devilishly romantic and his love letters to Maria Casares made me dream. Otherwise, Nancy Fraser, a contemporary philosopher, is for me the most interesting thinker of our time who offers a critical perspective on the economic system in which we live. It offers a powerful reading of oppressions.

The haunting fear of death. I would like to believe. But I do not believe it. And I don’t let myself be tempted by any form of esotericism. The opposite would calm me down. I cannot. So I opt for denial. The denial of the fatal and universal reality, that is to say, to disappear. Deep down, maybe I’m a stoic.

A masseria in Lecce, Italy on a July afternoon. My lover by my side. A refreshing Aperol spritz in hand. Insects humming away in the amber field. Elio and Nina, my children, marvel at an old sleeping dog. Finally, I am rather epicurean.

I flee arguments, useless lamentations and other ordinary turpitudes which seem too heavy to me. Selfishness saves me.

Gender equality. To life, to death.

Arriving late for a class. It makes me feel like I’m falling into the void.

As a child, I played at being an actress who played the roles of a lawyer. I proudly wore my grandmother’s oversized suits and periwinkle high-heeled shoes. I thought I was madam. If I had to do it over again, I would be a lawyer or a shepherdess. But I have no special skill in watching sheep.

… I would like him to meet me at Vito’s so that we can discuss the future of humanity. I would say to him, “So, God, before he disappears, what will it take to get out of this?” I would like to get the survival guide, please. Give me hope so that I instill the desire for commitment in my children Elio and Nina. »