Well, Philippe, Clement, experience as a coach at Club Brugge in a strange period, suddenly came to a hellish hustle and bustle of the competition is gone, and no one knows yet, there is still football going to be. However, the players must be physically and mentally fit to be held. And the freed-up time and has an added benefit: “We will be better prepared for a transfer.”

“Normally I get up at six to start, to depart in the direction of base camp (the training center of Club de Bruges, ed.), now it is seven o’clock or seven-thirty,” he said to Philippe, Clement, in a Facebook live of Club Brugge. “I’ll pull out three or four times a week at the base camp for some of the young men, individually, to train, or for a business meeting, of course, with the necessary distance away from each other. For the rest I do from home on the computer.”

“we are already hard at work on the zomermercato. We’ve already had meetings with the scouts, and Vincent Mannaert, and now I have put a lot of pictures of the view of the players that the scouts have passed on. We now have more time to do this and so we will be better prepared for a transfer, but this is a crisis, it will, of course, have a big impact in the transfer market, with less budget and fewer services. I expect there to be a lot less to move than in other years.”

no award

Club Brugge is in theory still have one day to play in the regular season largely on the head with a 15 puntenvoorsprong at AA Gent. No-one really knows what to do. “In this period of time feels like, of course, silly, we are able to look back and see that it’s already been made, but there’s no reward, right? We are not the official winner. We lived in hard-to-toe to a double, but we don’t know if that cup final still to be played. That creates nervousness, but the players know that they will be in shape to keep up with as possible, also the cup final in the future. We have the boys for now, just be as fit as possible, and then wait for the government to go back to the beginning.”

Daily contacts:

Everyone else will also be closely monitored. “We have been in touch every day with the players,”explained Clement of. The group was split up into small groups of four or five players to each coach. And then it ends up all the info on it for me. As well as, each and every day, they get individual training, which is to be followed. And there were also spicy and training sessions in between. Those training programs are replaced, of course, the main course (that can’t be, because football is such a complex sport, with the length and explosiveness, but to move a function from one another. We will focus mainly on the physical aspect, they are in these days practically nothing to work with.”

“Their diet is not any different than normal, but they will be taken on a regular basis to be weighed to make sure that the weight is now not possible for the height of it. But this group is very disciplined in that.”

Vanaken winner of the challenge:

“I’ll try, however, it is also fun to keep it as per week, it is a challenge to give up. Last week there was a challenge with the toilet paper. That’s playing as long as possible, the link on the right – and lived to be very hard with the players, and that there was a price to be fixed. Hans Vanaken was the winner.”

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” The toilet paper challenge… But then, the next level ?? ##Vanaken ##ClubBrugge ##ToiletPaperChallenge.

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Foreign guys mental support

But just as important is the mental aspect that needs to be followed up. “This should not be underestimated,” says Clement. “A lot of boys have, and are imported from abroad, and His understanding of the language, and that follow-up is also important as a point of contact. Such as the sanctions imposed do’s and don’ts of the society. The Belgians will understand that it is a little bit better, and with foreign guys, you need a lot more help. Like the African boy, at the beginning of the crisis, and it was here, in Africa, as well, if you want to go, and later it emerged there are popular uprisings in the country against the sanctions, because the people do not understand. It is very important to them.”

you can, of Course, spends a Lenient these days, a lot more period of time of the everyday living for his family, and he is trying everything in a positive way. Back to start helping him along the way. As here, the Facebook live.

More about Philippe Clément, Philippe Clément serves an analyst for Thomas Chatelle of the answer: “He’s got a limit exceeded ‘ Philippe Clement is struggling with a blessuregolf, but are looking forward to in Bruges, stadsderby: “We have to be ready for a wall to break into the” Club Brugge recordjacht, blue-black and may have as many as five(!) break records in the Jupiler Pro League, Why are the European off, especially in front of Club Brugge is not a drama, it needs to be