the New agreement was signed according to the scheme 2+1. What will be the salary of a specialist was not reported, but according to unofficial information, the club invited Semak 1.8 million euros per year.

Semak working with 2018. Under his leadership, Zenit has managed to become a champion, and this season is leading with a 9-point margin from his pursuers. Not surprisingly, the “blue-white-blue” decided to extend the relationship with 44-year-old specialist. About the beginning of negotiations it was reported even in the winter, but to reach consensus, it took a few months. Semak hinted at unresolved issues, but, apparently, and they settled.

an Important event for Zenit, as well as the latest news of the Russian Premier League specifically for the “RG” commented well-known television commentator Gennady Orlov.

Gennady Sergeevich, Zenit finally extended his contract with Semak. While talking about the new agreement was a long time ago…

Gennady Orlov: this was going. Sergei Bogdanovich earned such respect of the club. Zenit sees it as the future, the club has high goals: to be a leader in the Russian football team to play in Europe, gradually rising up a notch. I think Semak and “Ufa” has done a good job, and in “Zenith” has coped with all tasks. Would leave the group in the Champions League – it would be great. But it is not necessary to hurry. He is growing, gaining experience. What is more important. Surely, talking with the leadership of “Zenit”, Domenico Krishito discussed the transfer policy of the club. Time Semak has agreed to extend the contract, then received assurances that the club will continue to grow and meet the stated ambitions.

by the Way, the “Zenith” you think need strengthening?

Gennady Orlov: Believe that at this point the team really needs the so-called “ten”, the playmaker, the Manager, in a word, the player who would be similar to Andrei Arshavin, Miguel Danny. The player playing up in attack, creating lots of combinations. For other positions, too, need reinforcement.

the General Director of “Zenit” Alexander Medvedev said that the club need to prove their European level to reach the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Gennady Orlov: the Question is moot. Here’s a group of Manchester city, real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern”, God forbid, today. How are you going to get out of it? It is necessary to be aware that “Zenit” in the equipment list, its capabilities are clearly inferior to dozens of European clubs. Here with the same “Leipzig” in the fall met: on the one hand, they could win, on the other, it is obvious that we played against a more experienced, higher level. It’s hard to compete with them. But it is possible. The current “Zenith” it is necessary to aspire, what was the club in 2008. With a group of really strong players. Perfect Varian�� if a team played five to seven of its high-end guys and some strong foreigners. While I’m against the limit on foreign players, as, by the way, and Sergey Semak. And for successful performance in Euro cups need luck. I feel that fortune smiles Semak.

as for the pupils, one of these days “Zenith” has left Vyacheslav Malafeev, which, in particular, posted in the club and for the juniors…

Gennady Orlov: Time with him did not renew the contract, so did not see results. Bruno was a great goalkeeper, and his breeding work is hidden from us. As it’s hidden in other clubs. Here, however, now Yuri Pavlovich Semin told us what is breeding in the “Locomotive”, where players are invited to bypass the opinions of the head coach. As far as zenitovskoy Academy, there is now applied a great effort. They began to catch up, play your age with Juventus, Barcelona. There was a gap during his stay at the helm of the Academy of Dutchman Henk van Stee. His invitation had nothing to do with lifting zenitovsky pupils, on the contrary. But now Arman there are several young guys with character who needs to prove himself.

You yourself raised the issue of Semina. What do you think about his departure from “Loko”? Soon we will see Pavlovich at another club?

Gennady Orlov: I Think some of our clubs where the coaches are in limbo, be sure to pay attention to Yuri Pavlovich. As for his departure, but this story ended, it makes no sense now to look back. What did the ugly is obvious. Semin himself said that if its discussed in advance of his departure, he would have successors named. But the management has refused the services of a coach already when beginning to invite the players without the consent of Semin. This is a very humiliating moment.

the championship will resume in three weeks. Semak said that this is not enough to gain optimal shape. No fear for the level of football will we see?

Gennady Orlov: Level of football develops over the years. It’s a whole system. Let’s see how the Germans work with the ball. Here our players can do so outside of his foot to curl the ball, as did Kimmich from Bayern Munich in a match with “Borussia”? Can our to score such goals? They have and trying something enough to do something like that. Necessary improvisation. But it is brought up over the years. We are still in the foreground physical training. In this regard three weeks to prepare, of course, is not enough, but the clubs by and large are already preparing for next season. Because the break is small. You have to get the form through games. The important thing now is to avoid injuries.

one More question. Say, next year, the Russian Premier League will change calledtion. It may again be called “Higher League” in the USSR. What do you think?

Gennady Orlov: Yes way. Does it affect the quality of the game players. All of this form, and most importantly – content. When our League called Premier League, I immediately said – idiots. There are also Premier League in England, with whom do you compete? All we had was the big leagues, where even higher. The faster you change, the better. Find sponsors and earn the new name of money.