Behind the App, which could be until Easter, ready for use, and the project PEP-PT. This is a technical platform, the Apps of the individual countries can set up. PEPP-PT is, therefore, not the App, but rather the engine compartment. He allowed it, anonymized data from users to exchange and understand if you want to be in the past 14 days in the immediate vicinity of someone stopped who was tested positive to Corona.

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the Europe-wide Standard as a basis for national Apps

The international Team of PEP-PT consists of more than 130 members, working in more than seven European countries. Scientists, engineers and technicians as well as experts from renowned research institutions, and companies riding together. The result of the work of the team will belong to a non-profit organization, so that the technology and the Standards should be accessible to all.

at The core of the platform is based on Bluetooth. Bluetooth has the advantage that it is a short-range radio. For comparison: A mobile-transmission tower sends information urban, often several hundred meters wide, thousands of customers are using the same antenna. The significance of how close individual users were, in fact, goes to zero.

unlike Bluetooth. Only under the most ideal conditions, a connection goes back more than twenty or thirty meters. And For most Smartphones, Bluetooth is already active, be it headphones due to the head or to the Handsfree in the car.

the identification via MAC address

The App is in the Background, which Bluetooth devices have been in the vicinity. The is logged. Each device has a unique MAC address. This is associated with the App and thus the user behind it. Personalized data will not be collected, the health authorities see, therefore, just a number, but no name. However, this number is used for communication.

also, if the App is not detected, where users have just found, you know, apparently, how long and how close to another device with the same App in the vicinity. It follows then, whether or not an infection could have been possible. The App was, so the “world”, even if, for example, a disc between the devices have been found. And you can only record contacts in a distance of less than two meters.

the data collected from The remain on the mobile phone of the user. First, when the user communicates via the App, that tested positive for COVID-19, the data is transmitted to the Server. From there, be contacted, those anonymous numbers, the infection in question. Who is the Infected, remains a secret. Also the health Department that learns, but it can be through the App contacted, if that’s what you want.

App from the RKI is the Easter

In Germany, the App should be published by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). You should be comfortable in about two weeks. A prototype of the “world reports”, already tested in a German army barracks. And also, if the German App comes from the RKI, as soon As we are allowed to again travel abroad, to work a notification if you’re in a foreign country.

From the Heinrich-Hertz-Institute in Berlin, that is also PEP-PT has been involved, as it is stated literally: “There is no personal data, no location, no MAC address of the user or of the user are stored or transmitted. PEPP-PT is designed so that it can be included as a contact tracking function in national Corona mobile Apps and the Integration in the processes of the national health services. “

Whether you use the App or not, should be your free decision. The creators hope that as many people as possible in Germany to use the App. Because only if everyone participates, it can also help contain the Virus. The makers hope to 50 million installations.

So Vodafone helps in the development of

Vodafone Germany, the development of the technology supported. The network operator advises the project so that the anonymous data, the exchange of the Smartphones with each other, can in the future be put to good use. Thus, as many as possible can take advantage of the technology in the future in everyday life, makes Vodafone according to their own information up to date in its testing and certification laboratory for the large-scale use. Vodafone tests and configures all of the popular Smartphones for the use of the technology for distance measurement by means of the Bluetooth sensors.

This is important, because the Bluetooth sensors that determine whether and for how long, other phones in the vicinity, is affected by model-specific features of a smartphone. For example, by the antenna Design, as well as the housing of a smartphone. The technology must be for use with various smart-phones technically adapted. Similarly, Vodafone test the functionality of the technology, between different Smartphone models, with the help of extensive laboratory tests.

it is Important for Vodafone to be emphasised: In the case of the development of the technology, Vodafone does not transmit personal customer data or movement data. The aim of the cooperation, advice and testing.

This article was written by Thorsten Neuhetzki

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