Burger King wants to get out of the negative headlines of the last year. At that time, the vegetarian label was withdrawn from the fast-food company after an RTL report found out that employees were selling meat-containing products as vegetarian.

Burger King is now changing the breading so that the “Plant-based Long Chicken” and the regular “Long Chicken” can be better distinguished from each other. The “Plant-based Long Chicken” should be easier to recognize with the parsley.

“With the new parsley breading, we have further developed our vegan chicken alternatives together with The Vegetarian Butcher in such a way that our guests and teams can immediately and clearly recognize them. That gives security,” explains Tim Lenke, Senior Innovation and Product Manager at Burger King Deutschland GmbH in a press release.

There is also a new burger: the “Plant-based Long Chicken Cheddar Style”. This will initially be tested until February 6, 2023 and consists of the new patty with parsley breading, vegan mayo, fried onions, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and a cheese alternative.

In the last year, Burger King has suffered a major scandal. In September, a covert report by the journalist Günter Wallraff for RTL uncovered the desolate situation in the separation of vegan and meat products. It happened occasionally that patties made of meat or bacon ended up on vegan burgers.

According to Utopia, employees who work in different branches report: “If you don’t have long chicken patties as plant-based, then you take the normal ones and wrap them in plant-based paper.”

The other employee tells us that “normal nuggets are also sold” for the nuggets instead of the plant-based alternative five products withdrawn.

The original of this post “After a revealing RTL documentary, Burger King is changing its veggie burgers” comes from inFranken.de.