a Little old-fashioned, rather romantic. Before Noah Veraguth (32) his girlfriend Sayori Wada (32) made a proposal of marriage, he sought the consent of their father in Japan. “Well, actually, your whole family,” says Noah. “But as Sayoris father nodded, I knew it can go. His approval was important to me.”

Unconventional was the proposal to his Sweetheart. “In the Seychelles at sunset on the knee, I’m not the type,” the Pegasus singer. Nevertheless, this particular Moment should remain forever in the memory. So he surprised Sayori on her birthday last September with a card, on just date, time and place were: “So I gave her an invitation to her own wedding,” he says.

a Surprise for the bride

For the bride it was a bit of a Surprise: “I had never expected. Noah was in no hurry to get Married.” Has changed the with the love for Sayori, previously took Noah’s relationships do not last long. “In the past, I often felt restricted. With Sayori is it Vice versa, I get more space. Because she herself is an artist, understands and supports me,” said Noah.

When the two met three years ago at a concert was the interest instantly, with the love you left, but still time. “First of all, the friendship, the Foundation on which our love came. We’re both independent souls, who have gone their own way. Now we go to see him together.”

Between noodle soup and poetry

1. November have given the two in the closest family and circle of friends to tie the knot, the date selected by Noah aware of, as a symbolic new beginning: “With Sayori, it feels as if life starts all over again, as a Team.” After the civil Ceremony, the bride in a beaded Vintage was celebrated at a lunch in the Zurich five-star hotel Hotel Aries, dress from the 1960s.

you will feel in Switzerland, the Couple lives in Küsnacht on lake Zurich: “a Lot is similar to that in Japan, such as the cleanliness, organization, and punctuality.” Noah appreciates the qualities of his wife, which brings them out of their culture: “In Japan, everyday things get a magic, for example, when tea is served. I love Sayori to watch, no matter what you do. If you cook a noodle soup, is the grip of each hand to poetry, it is a river, so, as if you would write a Song,” says Noah. “Quite apart from the fact that she is the much better cook than I am. I reach for her in the Swiss Administration, under the arms, and I’m your Chauffeur.”

Due to Corona from the family

cut off Even a little Japanese has learned to Noah now. Sayori is every day via Skype with her family in Tokyo in touch. And not just in the Corona. A difficult Situation for Sayori, because even if you get a flight to Tokyo, she would have to there first two weeks in the quarantine. She Worries: “If someone is sick and it comes to Worst, I could be me, not even in time and say goodbye.”