(Los Angeles) The children’s film PAW Patrol jumped to the top of the North American box office for its first weekend after its release, with 23 million dollars in revenue, ahead of the horror film Saw , according to figures published on Sunday from the specialist firm Exhibitor Relations.

“It’s a great start” to the PAW Patrol movie, said expert David Gross. “Even if it does not compete in the category of the behemoths Disney, Pixar or Illumination”, this film from Paramount Studios has a much more modest budget and should therefore experience a profitable destiny, according to the analyst.

In this animated film, American actor and comedian Chris Rock and former tennis champion Serena Williams lend their voices to dog characters with superpowers. In this new adventure inspired by the hit cartoon, the Super Patrol sets out on the trail of supervillains, whom it seeks to stop in order to save Adventureville, which has crashed on a magical meteorite.

For its release weekend (Friday to Sunday), the film Saw In this new installment of the Saw saga, the famous and mysterious serial killer, suffering from cancer, takes revenge on a scam by setting up an ingenious and Machiavellian game.

The film The Creator, which takes place in a world where humans are at war with artificial intelligence, takes third place (14 million) while the horror film The Nun II is no longer in the odor of sanctity among by audiences, dropping to #4 after dominating the box office the previous weekend.

5. The Blind (4,1 millions)

6. A Haunting in Venice (3,8 millions)

7. Dumb Money (3,5 millions)

8. Equalizer 3 (2,7 millions)

9. Expend4bles (2,5 millions)

10. Barbie (1,4 million)