A patient at the Indianapolis Hospital was recently tested for covid-19. The result was negative.

Shortly after, it turned out that the patient was actually infected with the coronavirus, but at the time it was half of the staff of the nyremedicinske both already infected.

It writes the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which has talked to several sygehuskilder, who do not want to come forward with the name.

the Story is, however, confirmed by the Danish Sygeplejeråds circuit in Nsw.

“the Problem is, that you can’t know whether the patient is sick of Covid-19 or not, because you can’t count on the test,” says Bente Rasmussen, 1. vice-president of the Danish Sygeplejeråds circle in the middle of Jutland to the newspaper.

the Patient in Holstebro reached to be admitted to the nyremedicinsk ward M3 for several days, before the last week showed that the negative test result was false.

A new test showed that the patient actually was positive for the covid-19 and thus contagious. At the time, was a big part of the staff has already been infected.

Leading senior physician at the Hospitalsenheden the West, which accommodates the hospitals in, among other things Holstebro and Herning acknowledges that there are problems with the tests showing a false negative result.

“There is no doubt that we have major challenges with these false-negative test,” says Nikolai Hoffmann-Petersen to the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

On the Hospitalsenheden the West has now decided to tighten the rules, and you have changed the way to test on:

If a coronatest is negative, but there remains a suspicion Covid-19, the patient must remain isolated and investigated further.

the Board recognises that there may be a problem with the test that gives a wrong negative result. Here calls, center director Helene Probst, in special situations repeat a test.

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