The President of the Continental hockey League (KHL) Alexei Morozov announced that all 23 of the club filed the financial documents required for participation in the next season. However, some commands are now experiencing obvious difficulties that do not allow yet to talk about their preparedness for the championship-2020/21. This primarily refers to the Chinese “Kunlun Red star”, who doesn’t even know where will play their home games. Yes, and as other foreign clubs is worrying.The biggest problem at the CHL originated in the far East. Recall, “Admiral” already suspended its membership in the League, having lost financial support for next season by the government of Primorsky Krai and Vladivostok sea trade port. Budget funds were redirected to the reserve Fund of Primorye to combat the coronavirus, and it alone VMTP was not ready to take on the costs of the team. Complex epidemiological situation remains in China. President of the KHL Alexei Morozov acknowledged that the Chinese club has serious issues, which relate primarily to its deployment. As stated by Mr. frost in an interview to the official website of the League, the process of removing the limitations due to the threat of proliferation COVID-19 may be delayed in China until autumn. In this case, “Kunlun” will have to find a new home arena, and abroad. As said Alexei Morozov, the Beijing people’s already offered several options. The most convenient of them — Vladivostok and Krasnoyarsk.The club said that they don’t have any information from authorities about the opening of the borders. However, has no idea about what all will be “Kunlun” in the next season. Alarming lack of transfers. But still “Kunlun” has not signed any rookie — is what has prolonged the agreement with the Czech goalkeeper Shimon Globecom. Yet we know that Kurt Fraser retained the position of head coach. Apparently, to assemble a team he will be in emergency mode. However, it is unknown who wants to play for the club without fixed abode, who may have to wander in strange angles. Especially since at home “Kunlun” has not led to much audience interest, and in exile he does not see fans.By the way, after leaving the KHL “Admiral” there were fears that the same fate threatens the “Cupid”, which is funded on a similar principle with the support of the government of Khabarovsk Krai. But even before the pandemic coronavirus, the club has received a financial guarantee for next season, and then the audit they had not been. Light up recently in a series of loud exchanges, it became, in fact, just a transit point for ex-players SKA Sergey Plotnikov, Maxim Karpov and Ilya Kablukov. Now habarovka��e bartered with the “Vityaz” another ex-army — expensive nail Yakupov, whose salary is about 70 million rubles a year. First Vice-President “the Cupid” Alexander Filippenko told TASS that counts on him as a future leader of the team, which “should give impetus to the development of the club”. However, the fact that Yakupov will actually “push” the underdog Eastern conference, there are doubts. And not afford it the far East, so, most likely, a striker will be in a different place. And “Amour” in the best case will save the old structure, which was not included in last play-off.Meanwhile on the Western flank of the KHL is not all right. In the disassembled state are Minsk and Riga “Dinamo”. The locals still have a head coach and, in principle, the team as such. The Board Chairman Juris Savickis commented on the situation: “unless I have specific treaties, we can’t move on. However we work, look at the market for coaches and players, but so far without specifics”. And the acting General Manager Mr. Pasta said the Latvian media, because of the uncertainty associated including pandemic coronavirus, he already did a few trades with potential newcomers. Although the number of candidates for the coaching post is gradually shrinking. If until recently it was about the four candidates, the last time insiders focused on two specialists — Peteris, square and Vyacheslav Kozlov. A favorite is Skudra, who proved themselves in the NHL in the role of coach of “torpedo”. However the residents probably will be a very tough season. They have previously had one of the smallest budgets in the League that did not quite live up to the new floor salaries in 270 million rbl. “Dinamo-Minsk” was defined by the sponsor, extending the cooperation with “Belaruskali”, which had been the main guarantor of the club’s modest budget. The current inactivity in the transfer market also suggests that the Dynamo has financial difficulties. While they only lose players, for example, the eminent veteran Andrei Kostitsyn moved to Neftekhimik. According to Belarusian media, the “Dynamo” will be able to break through the floor of wages, and the money impossible to put together a competitive team. Team citizens, of course, present, but she, apparently, will again be assigned the role of the obvious outsider of the Western conference along with Riga “Dinamo”.We add that even among the most stable foreign participant of the KHL “Barys” has some difficulties. In Kazakhstan really should have delayed the appointment of a new head coach, and the process of composition is somehow sluggish. Nur-Sultan, of course, solve these problems and provide a decent funding, but where complex��to predict how the situation will develop with the coronavirus. Now, according to the same Alexei Morozov, the League does not have a full understanding of the conditions in which you will have to organize the next championship, and aggravation of the epidemiological situation in some areas is very extensive space of the KHL in General can confuse all the cards. Alexander Ilyin