Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has come under criticism for pledged her support for Ukraine – regardless of the opinion of voters in Germany. The AfD and the left accused the Green politician of disregarding the will of the electorate. Criticism also came from the CDU, on Twitter

The reason was statements that Baerbock had made the day before at a panel discussion in Prague. There the minister explained in English that she had promised the Ukrainians to support them for as long as necessary and that she therefore wanted to deliver – regardless of what her German voters think about it (“no matter what my German voters think”). .

AfD chairwoman Alice Weidel then accused Baerbock of not caring about the citizens. “Not I say, but she herself. And thus admits that the

The CDU foreign policy expert Norbert Röttgen wrote on Twitter of “sham heroism” because the majority of Germans were ready to support Ukraine. “Democratic politicians must try to convince others with good arguments and not with basta.”

During the Prague discussion, however, Baerbock also warned of a split in western democracies. In this context, she assured that she stands in solidarity with the people in Germany as well as with the people in Ukraine.

A cheap local transport ticket for the whole country and a significant tax cut for fuel expire on Thursday. At German petrol stations, prices are skyrocketing: diesel sometimes costs more than 2.40 euros. In the past two weeks, prices have continued to rise.

The airport chaos in Germany should pick up speed again. Lufthansa pilots are on strike on Friday, September 2nd. According to the “Vereinigung Cockpit” union, the reason for this is failed collective bargaining. All important developments at the airports here in our new ticker.