In Montreal, pastry is going through a paradoxical moment. New boutiques appear while classics (Juliette

With a Pain Doré, a Première Moisson and, until 2018, a Pâtisserie de Gascogne, Avenue Laurier Ouest has always been a rather traditional, “safe” destination when it comes to bakery/pastry. The arrival of a trio from refined restaurants, made up of the Breton-born pastry chef Aurélien Kerzerho (Maison Boulud, Rosélys), the butler Vincent Gagnon-Boisvert (Leméac, Henrietta) and the wine lover Clémence Corbière (Candide) changes the game.

The name of the business suggests it: here, we explore less common flavors and ingredients, such as sweet clover, cider, combava (citrus fruit), etc. One can expect “left field” pairings, such as rhubarb and ylang-ylang.

Before going into business, Aurélien, Vincent and Clémence became friends during the pandemic. “We were neighbors and the three of us were unemployed. Aurélien prepared dream desserts for us, says Clémence. We said to ourselves that this guy absolutely had to have his own shop. »

It is for the loyalty (and the means!) of its clientele and because “Vincent is a local guy” that the trio chose to settle in Outremont. The rumor of a new high-end pastry quickly spread in the area and, as soon as the opening, the curious landed, then returned.

It must be said that the boutique designed by designer Sarah Pelletier is particularly attractive, with its superb counter with sensual curves and its general luminosity. The terrace, with French bistro chairs, makes you want to take a break.

Beyond mouth-watering pastry creations and a few homemade ice creams, Mélilot also offers breads, quiches and sandwiches for a quick lunch. “There are few in and out options on Laurier West,” notes Clemence. This is now a thing of the past. And for those who would rather linger on the pretty terrace, there may one day be a liquor license allowing you to sip wine while salting/sweetening your beak!