If you do not want to use the map services that are common in this country, such as Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze, you will find an excellent alternative with the OmsAnd application.

For its maps, the app uses the globally used and publicly accessible OpenStreetMap and thus not only offers reliable navigation, but also a corresponding range of functions at the same time.

Instead of the normally quite expensive 25 euros for the full version of OmsAnd, the app for Android users is now completely free and can be downloaded legally. However, you cannot get the free full version from Google’s PlayStore. We will show you how to get OmsAnd free download anyway.

To use OmsAnd for free, you need to install the application through the F-Droid Store. To do this, we recommend that you first download the F-Droid application to your Android smartphone. You can then use it similar to the well-known Google Play Store and download OmsAnd there.

Important: The version available in PlayStore under the name OmsAnd is listed in F-Droid Store as OmsAnd~.

OmsAnd offers an excellent range of functions and excellent maps. For the latter, the app uses the publicly accessible OpenStreetMap, which not only guarantees worldwide coverage, but is also extremely detailed. With this, the application can easily be used with Google Maps

OmsAnd works both online and offline and scores with voice navigation, lane display, street name display and estimated time of arrival, among other things.

Intermediate destinations can be added without any problems, using types of searches such as “hotel”, “restaurant” or similar, and a new route is automatically calculated even if you deviate from the original route.

For additional safety, a current speed and the corresponding speed limit should be displayed. In addition, the layout adapts to the lighting conditions in the dark.

There are also numerous features for pedestrians and cyclists, such as dedicated footpaths and hiking trails or public transport integration.