Head-up displays are handy for navigating because you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. But car manufacturers often pay dearly for this. With a clever app, you can easily set up something similar yourself.

Many things are a question of money, for example when it comes to equipping cars. At the moment there is also the question of availability, but in principle head-up displays with augmented reality functions can be installed in more and more vehicles.

This not only looks cool, but is also practical because, for example, navigation information ends up in the driver’s field of vision. This makes orientation easier and does not distract from the traffic. The catch in the whole thing: This is not part of the standard equipment, car manufacturers charge a lot for such extras.

With the navigation app Sygic (download via CHIP) you don’t get a built-in head-up display in your car, but you can use the cell phone with an AR mode. This works in conjunction with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

What are becoming more and more standard in cars are Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Users connect their cell phone to the vehicle by cable or wirelessly and then mirror smartphone content onto the car display. You can use Apple Maps, Google Maps or other apps such as Sygic to navigate and see and hear everything via the in-car entertainment system.

The mobile phone usually remains somewhere in the center console. But Sygic has thought of something for these cases. Why not also use the mobile phone display for additional information? The app uses the SmartCam symbol to summarize all the advanced functions that use the cell phone camera. This works, for example, for traffic sign recognition.

The Real View navigation is particularly interesting. The actual navigation runs on the main screen of the car as usual with Android Auto and CarPlay. The augmented reality view is then also used on the mobile phone display. The route is laid over the live view of the mobile phone camera. In this way, the mobile phone practically becomes a small head-up display.

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