Mega bargain at Freenet: The mobile discounter is currently offering a mobile phone contract in the Telekom network with a whopping 40 GB LTE data volume and all-network flat rate for EUR 14.99 per month. We explain why this offer is really good and recommend that you decide quickly.

Freenet is currently making a great offer for everyone looking for tariffs: Here you can get an LTE all-network flat rate in the Telekom network with an impressive 40 gigabytes per month for EUR 14.99 at short notice – a real price hammer. You only pay 37 cents per gigabyte – a top price.

Included here is a telephony flat rate in all German networks as well as EU roaming. The minimum contract term is 24 months. In addition, there is only the one-time connection price of 39.99 euros, which you will be reimbursed after sending an SMS.

With 40 GB per month, you probably won’t run out of data. The maximum download speed of 50 MBit/s lets you take part in video conferences with confidence, but also ensures that you always have the best conditions for online gaming.

(Save connection price against SMS: The connection price of €39.99 will be refunded to you by freenet if you send an SMS with the text “AP free” (without special characters) to 8362 within 30 days of activation. This SMS costs 0 once €.19/text message.)

Attention after 24 months: The costs for the tariff increase to 41.99 euros after a minimum contract period of 24 months. The contract then continues indefinitely, but can be terminated at any time with a notice period of one month.

Freenet makes a great offer with the 40 GB LTE Allnet Flat. Top price, good speed and a very good network. If you are looking for a different tariff, you will certainly find a cheap offer in the FOCUS tariff comparison.

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