Users of the portal are available to new notifications. Now Muscovites can set reminders for the beginning of the period transfer of readings of electricity meters and billing for electricity.

To configure notifications, you need to specify in advance in the personal Cabinet on the portal address, the account number of JSC “Mosenergosbyt” and the meter number. You can do this under “Profile”, selecting the category “real Estate”. Then in the personal Cabinet you need to go to the tab “configure subscriptions” in the left pane of the personal account, choose the topic “utility services” and in the “Transmission of readings and charges for electricity” to mark the desired type of notification. Reminders can be obtain by e-mail, specified at registration on or in the form of push notifications if you have installed the mobile application “public Services of Moscow”.

to Submit readings and pay for electricity is recommended from the 15th to the 26th of each month. After receiving a reminder, residents can instantly transmit the readings of electric meters and pay bills on using the service “submission of evidence and the cost of electricity” in the service catalog or from your personal account via the widget “Utilities”.

Transfer readings from the smartphone app “public Services of Moscow” through the service “the introduction of the testimony” or the app “My Moscow” in the section “My home”.

Send readings of electricity meters online at the Moscow government services portal can 2013. Later, in 2014, this feature appeared in the mobile application “public Services of Moscow”, and in 2018, became available to users of the mobile application “My Moscow”.

Initially, the residents of the capital could only transmit current meter readings. Over time, the service was expanded for the convenience of users. So, on the page of the service and in the mobile application “public Services of Moscow” have the opportunity to watch the archive was transferred to readings, learn the history of payments and check the status of the testing of electricity meters. New functionality will allow residents to track energy consumption.

Then in your account on there is a special widget “Utilities”. It stores the data of the readings transferred over the previous accounting periods, and allows you to pay bills.

Services housing and communal services, including the service transfer of readings of electricity from year to year are among the most popular on the portal According to the Department of information technology, from the beginning of 2020 residents appealed to the service of “readings and payment of electricity” more than 2.2 million times.

the Capital’s residents can set up reminders off the hot water in dome, as well as on the invoice for utility services and receiving electronic single payment document.

to connect these notifications, you must also go to the tab “setup subscription” and choose the topic “utility services”. After that, the user will receive the desired e-mail alerts or push notifications if you have installed the mobile application “public Services of Moscow”. It is available in the App Store and Google Play.