On isolation a family can save up to six thousand a week

But it’s not as interesting as my life is back to normal. And we again begin to walk to the theater, drink a cappuccino in his favorite coffee shop and ride on a weekend walk in a neighboring town.

Another thing to review your budget deliberately.

10-day isolation

Our family (my husband and two daughters) is no exception. Over the past few days, I realized that the perfect way to spend consciously – products in the home (to go out we can’t) on a strict list compiled in advance.

Photo: Michael Solunin / TASS the President instructed to check the quarantine returning from abroad Russians

Planning a budget for quarantine, I remembered that in September, we keep record of all expenses. Husband changed jobs, we had to predict how we need to adjust consumption habits to the opportunity to save up for a vacation.

For the month, we spent about 25 Grand on food, 2600 – household chemicals, 600 – on office supplies, 6,000 on petrol (it was still holiday season, we went well), 400 rubles went on a school trip, 3300 – clothes, 700 – the cat (food and litter), 5200 – sections of the eldest daughter, 1100 – entertainment, 900 – travel, 1700 – on drugs 800 for the garden, 1900 – at school (Breakfast), 1000 left in food service.

we all Have different expenses, some, these numbers will surprise you, some don’t. Each family is individual, from month-to-month expenses look different. I did not mention housing and utility costs, there’s obviously a big change can be expected. Makeup I that month, apparently didn’t buy and the beauty did not go – but in the near future all I hardly need it. Was grAFA “different”, I don’t remember what went in there, we assume that these mysterious things do not need to quarantine and isolation.

Photo: kinopoisk.ru Video: what to do with themselves quarantined

Leave products, household chemicals, cat. I hope that medications will not need. What happens? In the optimistic scenario, we could potentially save over a month of almost 23 thousand. Or up to six thousand a week.

Go further. Planning purchases. Twice a week in quarantine, we ordered delivery food. Once almost 4.5 thousand, the second – on the 2600. In principle, the second order can be avoided, but we needed milk for children and bread, and if you order less than 2000 rubles, delivery will be paid.

the first Conclusion – it is better to plan your shopping list, there was no reason to order extra.

I decided that we will order less, if we take for the future of sterilized milk which has an extended shelf life. In parallel back to a forgotten era, with subject times the practice of baking bread at home. If you have a bread maker – the problem is minimised. I have, but at a certain skill to make a loaf for Breakfast no problem.

If you are used to eating a lot of fresh herbs, and in this case, there is a real way to reduce the number of purchases. Bought greens to wash, chop, freeze, then add to the soup or smoothie. Replaced the green salad comes with sauerkraut, hand made: no vinegar or preservatives, and some vitamins and fiber.

Photo: Vladimir Tokarev/ wikimedia.org That offers the Lenin library in terms of quarantine

the second Conclusion – it is good to plan a rough menu for the week to buy become less impulsive. In quarantine there is a temptation to entertain themselves with food. Deceive their demand and instead ordered a stack of chocolate make the candy myself. Whether it is a useful raw candy, five-minute muffins or guaranteed to enhance the mood of the funnel cake.

In the end it all depends on the habits of each family. Someone will spend days without any problems cooking household dumplings and sausages and drink tea with waffles, someone will remember that he can make Greek moussaka and tiramisu. The main thing – to plan everything in advance so there was no reason to order extra.

and conclusion sit down to browse items online shop full. Then if you want something flash, then in this case there is a delivery from suffering now not the best times of cafes and restaurants. Is reason a little to support entrepreneurs.

take care!

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