Mega success for the ZDF series “Yesterday we were still children”: Since December 30, 2022, all seven episodes have reached almost 14 million views (as of January 15, 2023) in the ZDF media library, as the broadcaster announced on Monday.

Accordingly, an average of 1.99 million sightings were achieved per episode. “Yesterday we were still children” is currently the most used format in the ZDF media library.

An average of 5.60 million people tuned in to the TV, giving a market share of 20 percent. The seven episodes of “Yesterday we were still children” were broadcast in three parts on Monday (January 9, 2023), Tuesday (January 10, 2023) and Wednesday (January 11, 2023) each from 8:15 p.m.

“The viewers made ‘Yesterday we were still children’ an event,” says Heike Hempel, Head of the ZDF main editorial office for TV film/Series II. The exciting family series touched the hearts of the viewers and reached all generations . The enormous demand in the ZDFmediathek and the overall response make us proud.”

“Yesterday we were still children” revolves around drastic experiences and family secrets that lead to an emotional catastrophe in the present. The series is told through flashbacks into the lives of the characters involved.

The focus of the story is the Klettmann family, who live in a chic suburb of Munich and have no financial problems. Peter Klettmann (Torben Liebrecht) is a successful lawyer, his wife Anna (Maria Simon) takes care of their children Vivi (Julia Beautx), Daniel (Vico Mango) and Emmi (Nele Richter).

Life seems perfect, but on Anna’s 44th birthday, a world collapses for the family: in a fit of anger, Peter kills his wife and is taken into custody.

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