Elena Petrovna, well, what’s the point repeatedly to win their division and not to take a step up?

Elena shvaibovich: a Difficult question. There are a lot of different factors. We’ve already tried his hand in the elite, in the season 2012/13. Even invited two Serbian, the team was coached by the famous Latvian specialist Ainars Zvirgzdins. Scored one victory, took the last place.

But it’s not even the result. The season I was dissatisfied for a different reason. We were not mentally ready for such a sparse calendar. 18 games for the championship – a little indecent. Our fans were able to see only nine home games. Where is the good? Guests often played in the empty halls. Was for a long time repulsed the hunt to go back there. In the super League and we have 44 games in the regular season, including 22 home, plus a full playoff, which this time did not take place in all known circumstances. In addition, we perform in parallel the European women’s basketball League – EWBL. Very interesting tournament with participation of 16 strongest teams from nine countries. Initially this League was created as a purely Eastern – CONFUSING, and then evolved and went beyond his original name here and Kazakhstan, and our Siberia, and the Netherlands. Last season was played by the representatives of Sweden, Turkey and even Lebanon, we successfully held in Rostov-on-don the Final four, won the bronze medal. It is a pity that this is actually the European Cup remains outside the attention of the national media.

still, the laws of the sport dictate the need to develop, to play against much stronger opponents…

Elena shvaibovich: In the Premier League need to come with a different budget, point, role, to enhance the composition, draw the status of the invited players contracts. I as the head of the club, and as a former player quite interesting just the struggle for survival in the main division, or unprincipled stay in the middle of the table. I need medals! This requires to be prepared, fully prepared. Alas, many years on a pedestal in the Premier League – teams, where the lion’s share of playing time accounted for legionaries, Russians in the mass, wipe the bench. Or appear on the site when there is already clear – “20 plus” or “minus “15”. This approach is not for us, we always made a major bet on young promising Russian homegrown players. Personnel the concept of change absolutely do not want. I still agree, in purely sporting terms, we need to return to the Premier League. Especially because back in October of last year, the Governor of Rostov region Vasily Golubev at a meeting of the government of the region said: “we Need to turn in the direction of the basketball. It is our view ��port. It needs to become more popular and visible. Basketball the don must be presented to competitions of the highest level.” To date, a structure for the training of players in professional team “Rostov-don-southern Federal University” sports schools of the city and region, sports internat-29, school of the Olympic reserve. Established men’s team, “the LEOPARD of Rostov state University”, serving in the second division super League. Planned to build a basketball halls, appropriate rules and standards of the International basketball Federation. However, we do not yet know a lot: the official results of the Championships in the women’s super League 1, outlines and regulations for the next season. Anyway, in the epidemic of the coronavirus to think far ahead difficult. At the very least, will wait for the beginning of the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Russian basketball Federation.

If you do not take into account the potential gain, on what is now objectively the level of “Rostov-don-southern Federal University”?

Elena shvaibovich: As a rule, before the start of the season we are holding in Moscow a series of control meetings. This is the Premier League clubs: Dynamo Moscow, Moscow “Spartak” and “Sparta end To”. We compete on equal with them in these matches. It is very important that our Anna Zaitseva invited to the Russian national team and she has played for the main team of the country in qualifying for the European championship. When still such was, and whether it was to the women’s team called the player of the second division of our League?

it Seems that in the mid-1990s, head coach Igor Grudin someone is attracted to, but I’m not sure, did the girl in official matches…

Elena shvaibovich: you see! Zaitseva invitation to the national team – a landmark moment. She and your game deserve it! Actually, this is the core mission of BK “Rostov-don-yufu” to bring up young Russian players and bring them up to a higher skill level, be delegated to different teams. Candidates for the Russian national teams from our club – Yulia Grabovskaya, Ekaterina Voronina, Victoria Yakovleva.

Imagine briefly the head coach of Dmitry Fedoseyev.

Elena shvaibovich: Dmitry Vladimirovich I was invited to BK “Rostov-don-southern Federal University” before the start of the 2017/18 season, where we end up for the first time in its history did the Golden double and won the regular season and the playoffs. So the choice of the mentor was correct. Before the advent of don Fedoseev worked with the youth team “Dynamo” from Moscow, he came to our team with a pool of talented players. Dmitry is a versatile, multi-faceted people. He has two higher educations – technical and physical. Basketball overpowered the other interests of life. It is very important that Fedoseyev knows not only our sport, but the psychology of women. The girls love it. M��kalimat, the General atmosphere in the team is excellent, I am satisfied with our cooperation, the command shows the result and, accordingly, the increased number of fans.

the statement of the Governor about basketball was pleasantly surprised. After all, don is a great football and women’s handball at the highest level. Probably, in terms of the struggle for the fan you find it difficult to compete with the hand ball?

Elena shvaibovich: Well, what we handball competitors? In our area a place in the sun all missing, literally and figuratively. We dobrososedstvo. One of the leaders of the European handball team “Rostov-don” their fans, we have ours. There are also omnivorous fans who come to basketball and handball. BK “Rostov-don-southern Federal University” is proud of its fan club “Basketball family”. And it’s not just a purely urban community. Official representatives of the fan club is in the Azov, Novocherkassy, Mines, Kagal, Rodino-Nesvetaevskiy districts of the Rostov region, Volgograd, and even in Moscow. With regard to a pleasant neighborhood, we girls, when you let the calendar and schedule of the training process themselves are at handball. Yes, and you know that our family is friends with an Olympic champion Igor Lavrov. When I played for Dynamo Moscow, then went to the capital to the matches of CSKA and the men’s team of Russia in handball. Lavrov, by the way – the godfather of my eldest son.

You personally what other sports interest?

Elena shvaibovich: I Try to follow the success of Alexander Ovechkin in the NHL. Take this opportunity to congratulate his mother, two-time Olympic champion in basketball Tatiana Nikolaevna Ovechkin with the recent anniversary. This is because it is in 1994, when he was simultaneously the main coach and head of the Moscow “Dynamo”, persuaded me to go to Germany, and to the “white-blue”. In my sports collection, there are three gold medals of the championship of Russia, in 2000, I made a Royal sendoff from the sport, has allocated an apartment in Mitino, I became a Muscovite. Future great hockey player Ovechkin, then just Sasha, when I came to Dinamo, was nine years old. He grew up together with our team, constantly running like mad, always full of movement. About guys usually say: “the motors in one place.” I was most impressed by his eyes: they are alive-live! Eye of igrovie. And he was very fond of chocolates, then the terrible fashion was “Snickers-Mars”. Of course, we girls them he always gave.

As the former woman, now a Muscovite was in Rostov-na-Donu?

Elena shvaibovich: My spouse Alexander Kojinov with a childhood friend Andrei Vedisheva in 2003, the year he arrived in Rostov-on-don to organize and lead “locomotive-��skeleton”. I mastered the don, initially played for the veterans, commented basketball on local television. Eventually, by 2005, formed an initiative group with the idea to recreate the city’s women’s masters team. The core team is made up young ladies from local SDYUSSHOR-7. And we started in February 2006 with the first League championship of the southern Federal district. Soon the 15th anniversary of the club.

As I recall, originally the team was called “Rostov-don”. Where did the name abbreviation is SFU?

Elena shvaibovich: In 2014, an agreement was signed on cooperation with the Southern Federal University. Since then, the team proudly carries the name “Rostov-don-southern Federal University”. And, I would say that 70 percent of students, since most of the girls – students of the southern Federal University.

so, let’s summarize this conversation. What future do you see at your club?

Elena shvaibovich: Each player and coach, and I, as the head of the club, dream to play in the top division of our League – in the Premier League. To have a modern game room. And the recognition of the fans we deserve their game! Waiting for the decision of the leaders of the region about the future of our team.