With additional support for micro-enterprises, the state of Hesse wants to mitigate his development institution WIBank, the economic consequences of the Corona pandemic. From this Friday (3.4.) companies with a maximum of 50 full-time positions, as well as Solo can self-employed direct loan for the economic and infrastructure Bank (WIBank) apply for: the so-called Hesse-micro-liquidity. Per case, there are 3000 to 35 000 euros, with a maturity of seven years and an interest rate of 0.75 per cent as a bridging loan.

The state of Hesse will vouch in this case, to 100 per cent, said Minister of economic Affairs Tarek Al-Wazir (Green party) on Wednesday in a telephone conference. Basically, the country is ready to further support: “If we find that the need is even greater, place there are quite a few possibilities still to.”

Al-Wazir, insured, policy, and development banks would do everything to bring aid quickly to the Affected. “I understand the concern of many companies, I understand the desire to speed. We will do everything we can do to speed in the processes,“ the Minister said. “There’s where the problems can’t be solved, we are explicitly willing to talk with the banks.” At the same time, Al-Wazir said: “I know of no other country in the world except this, in which every hot dog stand has the offer of immediate aid.”

The WIBank is rolled over according to their business line since mid-March, almost of requests. “Our advice hotline is under a lot of pressure, it is also very many desperate calls to reach us,” said Michael reck, hard, member of the Executive Committee of the Institute. Meanwhile, all sectors were represented, especially small enterprises turned to the development Bank. “We are depending on the Needs and requirements of new programs to the market, or previous offers to adapt”, said stretching hard. The new range of micro-liquidity has a volume of 30 million euros.

“In the current Corona-the crisis shows how quickly and, we trust, with the state government to fast and appropriate solutions to the current challenges attenuate, in particular, for the Hessian entrepreneurs,” said Gottfried Milde, spokesman for the WIBank-business management.

In the past year, the delivery volume of the WIBank were 22.9 billion euros, just under the previous year’s figure of 23.2 billion euros. The Institute promotes, for example, social housing, and the founder of the company. Since the interest rate level is extremely low, to get private people and companies, but also for other banks with cheap loans.

the new business of the WIBank amounted to approximately 2.0 billion euros and thus was back to a normal level. In the year 2018, the debt relief program of Hessen Fund for cash-strapped municipalities have had the support of business strongly supported. At the time, had increased the new business of around seven billion euros, 4.9 billion Euro of which came from the Hesse Fund.