Off the window sill because of self will be responsible for the violation of isolation

As it became known “MK”, outrageous incident happened on Sunday at the Christmas street. 36-year-old visitor from Kaluga, Builder and finisher, I learned that in the coming days to work, he would not have because of the quarantine. And with a friend went to visit to celebrate this event. Life partner works as a doctor at the center for medical diagnosis, but despite this, decided to break the isolation. Guests took the mother of two children 4 and 8 years (their father is serving a sentence in places of confinement). While kids played in the room, the adults had arranged the kitchen gatherings with alcohol. Then the women went out to smoke on the balcony, and the man decided to shoot for the story. He remembered a new piece of social media pictures exhibited on the ledge of the boot and decided to make a similar photo. Builder sat on the windowsill, was to choose the view spectacular, but lost his balance. Fortunately, in falling, would-be photographer managed to catch hold of the ledge. And hanging over the precipice.

Seeing what happened, the landlady ran for a neighbor. But he could not drag the unfortunate back. A friend of the Builder kept it on for 40 minutes! Dragged the poor guy into the apartment three employees of a separate company patrol-sentry duty. They were called passer, which became the casual witness of a terrible scene.

the Savior admitted to guards that forces her not to take – leads a healthy lifestyle and works out in the gym. However, friend-lucky medic gave the heave-Ho, said that he went home.

However, before that, the man will have to pay a fine for violation of the regime of self-isolation. It was drawn up for leaving the house without a good reason.