Of the championship FNL and PFL will not be finished

on Monday, the Secretary-General of the Russian football Union Alexander Alaev told about the fate of the current draws of the FNL and PFL. One of the leaders of the RFU said that the organization believes neceesarily renewal of both tournaments.

“the Important thing now is to preserve the integrity belonging to the next season. To get players that did not play six months, to carry out 11 games during the month – do not see the point. In the national football League played 27 rounds, more than two-thirds, and we believe that it can be considered completed”, – quotes Alayev “SE”.

This decision did not meet with understanding from the head coach capital “a torpedo” Sergey Ignashevich. In Instagram, the former defender of Russian national team said that to finish the season necessary because his club can still rise to the first or second line.

“Fix the table today’s Germany is unfair. If we’re talking football on the sports principle. Remained to play a small number of matches, and all the fun is yet to come. In this situation, you can even play a mini-tournament with participation of four to six teams for access to the RPL. If the RPL resumes tournament, why are we not? It is logical that either end up the League, either all playing. I think in this situation in the first place, the head of the FNL Igor Efremov has to offer a way complying with the principle of sport. This is why he put on such an important post. Otherwise, this position must be self-contained. The head of the FNL in this case, it is simply not needed,” wrote Ignashevich.

the answer of the President of the FNL Ignashevich was disappointing. Efremov said that the season in Germany is completed, the resumption of the tournament in the time frame proposed is contrary to common sense.

“Based on currently available information, early on 21 June to resume the season will not work. If you observe all the requirements including a medical, to try to build up the logistics, it becomes clear that to spend per month of the remaining 11 rounds is almost impossible”, – quotes the words of Ephraim TASS.