Coronavirussen raging still in Denmark, where over 100 people have lost their lives after having been infected with the dreaded virus.

On nursing home Vonsildhave in Kolding are two people died with the virus in the body.

this tells The senior manager in the Municipality of Kolding Annette Lund Thursday at B. T.:

“the Nursing home has had two occupants, who died of coronavirus in the body. But in both cases the cause of death ruled as another.”

Annette Lund adds that one of the employees at the Vonsildhave also are infected.

“It is true that one of the employees are infected, but the person is sent home, and it is now some time ago.”

Seniordirektøren in the Municipality of Kolding says that the one occupant died at the hospital while the other died at the nursing home.

At the nursing home, provided you follow the guidelines from the authorities closely and make sure to have a good and healthy hygiene.

Annette Lund tells the closing, to the nursing home in Kolding have no intention of closing. Instead you have made another action:

“We have divided the nursing home in some zones. On the way, we know all the time who our residents have been in contact with, if they show any symptoms. This applies to both other residents and staff.”

Seniordirektøren praises his municipality. She believes that the citizens are good to keep distance and show the community spirit.

the Nursing home Vonsildhave in Kolding is operated by the company Attendo.