Under normal circumstances, would the few danes rejoice over having lost a six-figure sum on their retirement savings.

But nothing is normal in these corona-times.

the Loss on pensionsopsparingerne was far greater for just a few days ago. 22. march had a pensionsopsparer, which had a savings of about one million dollars by the turn of the year, lost the whole of 182.000 euros.

But then threw Donald Trump and the Congress of the UNITED states a historically large bail-out of 2,000 billion u.s. dollars, equivalent to almost 14.000 billion Danish crowns out from under the american economy.

It has, together with other stimulus packages brought optimism on stock markets, and it rubs off on the Danish pension savers.

“It looks somewhat brighter today than it did just a week ago. The stock market reacts to what it expects will happen in the future. And the market seems to believe that there is an end to the crisis. Both the health crisis and the economic crisis,” says chief economist at Danske Bank Las Olsen.

The american aid package alone is equivalent to almost 15 Marshall plans – that is, an amount that is nearly 15 times as large as the UNITED states’s giant aid package for Europe after the Second world War – in today’s money.

And it got on Tuesday, the acidic stock markets to turn the corners of his mouth upwards.

u.s. shares had on Tuesday the best day on the stock exchange since the 1930s, and denmark followed the benchmark C25-index with the largest Danish companies such as Vestas and Novo Nordisk suit.

It is good news for british pension savers who have placed their fortunes entirely or partially in shares.

the Upturn in the stock exchanges the world over gave an immediate gain of around 51.000 dollars.

It shows the figures from Denmark’s largest pension provider PFA’s popular and widely used markedsrenteprodukt with a medium risk profile, where 75 percent of the savings invested in products with high risk, primarily shares.

The 25.march had pension savers, who had a million dollars in this product by the turn of the year, therefore, reduced their losses from 182.000 € to 131.000 dkk in the year.

Had more than a million dollars in savings at the end of the year, was the prize correspondingly greater. Thursday was the loss increased slightly again to now button 152.000 crowns, but the bottom can be reached.

“of Course, there is a risk that the market turns around again, if it turns out, anyway there is to get a handle on the situation,” said Las Olsen, and adds:

“But we’ve got the politicians on the field: Trump, angela Merkel in Germany and also the european central bank and other actors have joined in the fight and shown that they are willing to do very much to avoid, that crisis takes hold.”

the UNITED states and Germany are Denmark’s largest export markets, and the enormous stimulus packages, according to the Las Olsen ensure that there will continue to be a demand for Danish goods, when we come out on the other side of the corona-crisis.

“There is a loss, and it will take some time to rectify the huge damage which the crisis has caused. But we believe and hope that, after the crisis comes back to the reality, we known, where the values that existed before the crisis, the fundamental will still be there,” said Las Olsen.

IN the PFA calls on wi-Carsten Holdum holders to keep your cool and stick to the risk profile, the selected under the tranquil and well-considered case before corona-the crisis.

the Experience from the financial crisis shows that individuals are going the wrong place, if they change the risk profile in the middle of a crisis, he points out.