According to the former F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone, will be the corona virus, the Formula 1 is in the biggest crisis of all times to do and end up. Former BMW Motorsport boss Mario Theissen says enter it in the folder ‘Starting Grid’ of ‘Motorsport-Total.’

The corona virus does to the world in a choke-hold, and no one knows where it is going or where it will end. What is certain is that the outcome is in front of the Formula 1 are going to be huge.

it’s a smaller team, it’s hard to get one’s head above water is one thing, but there is a chance that the big manufacturers like Mercedes and Renault’s presence in F1, the question shall be put.

At Renault, for example, that the business is not very good, and the CEO of the French brand, Clotilde Delbos, in October, to let you know that all of the operations of the company will be reviewed and may be.

now, The question is what they will find on the F1 programme, launched in 2016, it is still not on stage he managed to score a goal, let alone a victory.

The former head of BMW Motorsport, Mario Theissen, knows all too well how fast it can go at a time of crisis. Then, in 2009, in the news, it was announced that BMW of the Formula 1, was Theissen are only three or four days ago, at the height of the news.

He was close to a repeat of the scenario in the year 2009 when the financial crisis was that, a BMW, a Honda and a Toyota at the same time as Formula 1 did.

“We’ll have to wait and see,” said Theissen. “I think that the situation is still too fresh, we’ve been occupied with other things. You may only be after a mid-year review, but it is not inconceivable that it’s happening.”

Cyril Abiteboul says, as opposed to ‘Coach’ and that all the teams are under pressure all the time, and that he doesn’t understand why everyone is always in first, Renault is looking.

“We are already forty-two years, in one way or another, as part of the “Formula 1”. I am aware that there have been, and that bills of exchange have been in management, I understand that. However, we are in a strong position, with two factories, we have 1200 employees, and we were planning on walking a lot in the next year.”

“I don’t understand is that we are a part of the motor vehicle, and that is that, at this time, so the pressure will be able to escape that Renault don’t. But do we really have more problems than Europe? I’m not sure about that. Had our results been better we would have this kind of questions often have the answer.”

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