Google’s Project Zero researchers have discovered security vulnerabilities in numerous Android smartphones. These affect ARM SoCs with a Mali graphics unit and some newer chips from Exynos in Samsung Galaxy models that do not contain a Mali unit.

The danger with smartphones is therefore for the main memory. In this way, third parties can theoretically gain access to memory areas that are actually reserved for the kernel. In addition, information can be read by other codes because some memory areas have not been cleaned sufficiently.


The researchers shared their findings with chip manufacturer ARM a few months ago. A short time later, he also released patches that can close the security gaps.

The problem for many users: Manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and even Google itself have not yet distributed the patches to almost all of their smartphones. The cell phone updates are always distributed by the manufacturers themselves, but this has usually not happened in this case.

Banks have evaluated the residential real estate sales of the past few weeks and have found that prices are crumbling across the board. They give way, especially in overheated markets like Munich. Anyone who has to sell should hurry: there is currently no end in sight to the fall in prices. On the contrary.

A Bundeswehr officer died in hospital last Friday. The man had previously collapsed in the army infantry school. Investigations are underway, the Bundeswehr is keeping a low profile on the incident.

In Germany, SUV tires were deflated again in several cities on Tuesday. Behind the attacks are apparently climate activists who want to ban the large vehicles from inner cities.

Gas and district heating customers as well as pensioners can breathe a sigh of relief in December. They receive financial grants, which many people receive in December. We show what changes are coming our way in December, who benefits from the grants and by when the Christmas mail should actually be sent out.

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