Maia Arson Crimew was boring. And this developed into a small scandal for the USA. After watching a few aviation videos on YouTube, the Swiss hacker came up with the idea of ​​testing a few airlines. And came across a document that was not supposed to be made public.

She had “probably clicked through about 20 boring and uninteresting servers when I suddenly discovered some familiar words,” the hacker writes in her blog post.

The server on which this happened belonged to the US regional airline Commuteair. And there Crimew discovered the sensitive file with the rather obvious name NoFly.csv.

And indeed, behind it was the No Fly List of the American aviation authority Federal Aviation Administration FAA, on which people suspected of terror, travelers blocked due to misconduct and people excluded from air travel with US airlines for other reasons can be found. The government describes the document as “highly sensitive”.

The first medium to report on the subject was The Daily Dot. A reporter from the medium helped the hacker verify the information. According to Commuteair, the list dates from 2019. It contains the first and last names and dates of birth of the people.

“In addition, certain employee and flight information from Commuteair was accessible,” admits the airline. “We have notified the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and are proceeding with a full investigation.” Although the list is now inaccessible, some people have seen it.

Many people on the Internet criticize the fact that the proportion of Muslims on the list is particularly high. But Russian oligarchs and arms dealers also like it. Commuteair operates as a wet lease provider for major American airlines, primarily United Airlines.

This article was written by Laura Frommberg

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The original of this article “Swiss makes highly sensitive US list of flight bans public” comes from aeroTelegraph.