– There are many question marks and it’s complete chaos, ” says Joachim Walltin, forbundsleder in Idrettsutøvernes trade association (NISO).

Eliteserieklubbene have handled koronasituasjonen differently. Some clubs have laid off all the players, others have laid off some, and some have chosen to not lay off.

– the Players see what is being done in other clubs, and wonder horrible on “why it is necessary to lay off us”, tells Walltin.

Wednesday, it was clear that idrettslagene can start with organised training in groups with strict restrictions.

SKEPTICAL: NISO-chairman, Joachim Walltin, fear that the clubs without laid off the players will have a huge advantage.

Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

But the players that are laid off may not exercise organized in his club.

Walltin wish that the teams should agree on a common start-up, so that some of the teams will not get a big head start.

It turns out that not all is aligned, and it seems I’m very sorry. It sets in motion a rush. There is a minimum demand that the clubs will manage to agree about what to do and the policy that applies, ” says Walltin.

– We get a competitive advantage

One of the teams that have laid off their players is Bodø/Glimpses. Wednesday morning was the team gathered for training on Aspmyra, five and five.

– What are the major differences among the teams. With permitteringer, wage cuts, ferieløsninger and different. Maybe we’ll get a competitive advantage with it here, tell Bodø/Glimpses-player, Ulrik Saltnes, to NRK.

AT the ASPMYRA: Wednesday was Bodø/Glimpses-players back in training in groups of five.

Photo: Tor Arvid Didriksen / NRK

Bodø/Glimpses-coach Åsmund Bjørkan is, like the rest of the team, happy to be back on the football field.

– Now we’ll get to sessions that are relevant, at the same time as we do not do anything that exposes either each other or ourselves for the infection. We get held on with a ball, and in smaller groups. It is gratifying, ” says Bjørkan to NRK.

Clubs draws permitteringer

Walltin tells that NISO and the clubs agree that the laid off players may not train with the clubs.

After it became clear that the clubs can train the organized, among other things, the Viking pulled back permitteringene.

Also, the Town has revised down its permitteringer from and with 1. april.

– Permitteringer can cease, but then a do a thorough assessment. One must also ask themselves the question about what the need for permitteringer was originally, tells Walltin.

as of Wednesday 1. april is Chelsea, Aalesund, Kristiansund, Worcester, Sandefjord is eliteserieklubbene that has laid off all players.

In Haugesund are all laid off, with the exception of five players.

– It is very big difference on the clubs. Some have handled it professionally and has a good dialogue with the players. There are those who come best out of it, too. Other places are not as coordinated, and where we have the biggest challenges, ” says NISO-leader.