Arrives, and Dirk Verdoodt off, Arrives with the company’s Avalasia, a new system has been developed which will automatically have an elevated body temperature detection. The development of the new koortsscanner was speeded up due to the strong rise in interest, especially from companies, as the coronacrisis. “You don’t want to be a start-up of sick employees, under the health of the workers gone,” says Dirk. In the meantime, there were already more than sixty systems have been installed. What is new is that the thermal camera is only matched to people.

“in the meantime I have approximately thirteen years of experience with the product, especially in the industrial sector, automation, and security,” says Dirk Verdoodt. “I travelled to Madrid, spain and Las Vegas. A year and a half ago, I moved to the West-Flemish company Avalasia. That’s how I ended up in the world of espionage and counter-espionage, and everything associated with it, in terms of equipment. Just think of hidden video cameras, eavesdropping equipment to detect the… We are the home of military products thermal imaging cameras for police and for hunting, for wild game to detect them.”

“Last year, we packed up at Milipol in Paris, an annual event for the security sector, ed. for the first time with the feverscanner or koortsscanner. The interest is in our system, as it is very limited. Due to the corona virus, it is in the interest, however, is greatly increased. It has completely been turned upside down,” said Dirk, operations director at Avalasia. “Intussenzijn we have several systems in our work with large corporate customers in Belgium and Europe. Some of these companies are closed at this time, however, many companies are preparing for a start-up, and would like to avoid that, ill be located under the sound of my colleagues.”