Neymars mum DUMPS 23yo toyboy after discovering he had dated a host of MEN

Neymar’s 52-year-old mother Nadine Goncalves hit the headlines earlier this month when she announced her love for 23-year-old Tiago Ramos. But now their relationship appears to be over.

According to a report by Mail Online, Goncalves discovered that Ramos had dated a string of men before meeting the Paris Saint-Germain star’s mother.

Ramos, who is six years younger than Goncalves’ son Neymar, was previously given the seal of approval from the Brazilian soccer superstar. After his mother posted a picture with the caption, “The inexplicable cannot be explained, you live it…” Neymar responded with a supportive comment, saying, “Be happy mom. Love you.”

Inexplicável ❤️

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But now it seems the love affair is now a thing of the past after reports from Brazil revealed that he had been dating a Brazilian stand-up comedian and actor named Carlihos Maia, and also allegedly dated Neymar’s personal chef Mauro before eventually hooking up with the player’s mother.

Since his dating past has been discovered, Ramos has been booted out of the family home.

Ramos’ behavior, dating Neymar’s chef, then his mother may suggest an ulterior motive to both relationships, and he had previously sent messages to the Brazilian forward declaring his admiration for the global soccer superstar.

A legenda está ao lado ??❤️ Sonhar, nunca desistir !!! Te amo cara, você é fantástico @neymarjr

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In a message posted to Neymar in 2017, Ramos said, “Neymar you are fantastic, I don’t know how to explain the emotion of being a fan of a guy like you.

“I see you playing and I’m very motivated, one day I hope to read this message with you, be your brother and play together.

“I know that one day I will meet you, because I am a dreamy boy where I do not give up on my goals! Stay with God, very successful and happy.”