According to the prime minister of Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan national was an ISIS supporter.

New Zealand authorities claim they killed an Islamic terrorist in New Zealand on Friday afternoon. This happened within 60 seconds of him starting to stab people at a supermarket.

According to Stuff New Zealand, three of the six victims who were stabbed were in critical condition while one was seriously injured and two were in moderate condition.

Prime Minister Jacinda Adern stated that the man, a Sri Lankan citizen, was being monitored around the clock. She identified the incident as a terrorist attack.

Ardern stated in the briefing that a violent extremist carried out a terrorist attack against innocent New Zealanders.

“What happened today was deplorable, it was hateful and it was wrong. According to BBC News, it was done by an individual and not a religion.

Video captured in the store shows customers scattering among the chaos.

According to Stuff, the suspect was being monitored after he was sentenced to one year supervision for possessing ISIS propaganda. This included a video showing people being killed. He had been in the country since 2011, Reuters reported.

Ardern stated Friday that he had done something that would have allowed him to be sent to prison.

According to Stuff, the government tried to sentence him under Terrorism Suppression Act. However, it was denied.

Justice Sally Fitzgerald stated that the suspect had an “operative interest” and the “motivation to commit violence in the local community” during his sentencing.