New walking trails for the summer season developed at ENEA. They allow you to enjoy the blooming avenues and landscaped parkland, this was reported on the official website of the Moscow mayor.

"ENEA – famous not only architectural, but also the ensemble. Summer, when everything is in bloom – the best time to walk along Central Avenue, Landscape Park, along the Avenue of the ponds or in the Park Ostankino. Here you can always find a suitable route for walking and Jogging, Cycling and rollerblading. And specially for this season the exhibition prepared for visitors three new themed route" – are reported words of the Deputy mayor of Moscow Natalia Sergunina.

Now ENEA guests can walk along the shady alleys and see the blooming flower beds, by choosing the route "ENEA in the colors". It runs along Central Avenue, the gardens, young Naturalists and Latvian, Michurinsky garden and Landscape Park, and ends in the Minsk square. During the walk guests will meet picturesque floral arrangements, planted landscape designers, a few flower beds under the General title "the Big picture field". In addition, you can look at Sirigeri and Garden of the five senses.

"Fans to make a spectacular self and to remove fine types will love the route "inspiration". The walk will take no more than an hour, but during this time visitors will see the most colorful sights at VDNKH, and can be photographed on their background. It is a fountain "Friendship of peoples", Avenue of Cosmonauts, the Industry square, where a model of the carrier rocket "East" and the flower "Big picture fields," the statement reads.

In addition, especially for the summer season have been updated two Hiking routes, which have enjoyed great popularity in Moscow last year. One of them is "Walk in silence" will allow you to relax in parks Naturalists and Latvian, to admire the Oak trees, Garden pond and walk through the unique air the eco-trail with a length of 474 m, which passes through the old Sheremetyevo grove.