Blanc Marine’s well-recognizable aesthetic has suddenly expanded to so much bigger than its renovation and decoration projects. The interior designers and their accomplices have just launched an online store where each object on display reflects their sober and refined style.

“The boutique represents an extension of our design vision, so it allows people to bring a little bit of Blanc Marine into their homes,” says Kimberley Pontbriand, one of the four instigators of the project.

But let’s start at the beginning. The association of these four women was born from a previous collaboration which has borne fruit. Kimberley Pontbriand called on Blanc Marine Interiors for the design and construction of her new home. The chemistry worked, the girls developed a great bond, and they wanted to take advantage of their complementary strengths – let us mention that Kimberley and her husband founded the ergonomic office furniture company Ergonofis – to launch a project together.

“I’m very marketing, strategy, and I know online sales well,” said Kimberley Pontbriand. And the girls have amazing eyes, they have great eyesight, so we sat down at one point and said OK, let’s start an online store, it’s going to be really fun. »

The team behind the online store is therefore made up of Blanc Marine Interiors partners (Mélanie Cherrier and Laurence Pons Lavigne), Julie Cherrier – Melanie’s sister and “treasure seeker” – as well as Kimberley.

They wanted to stand out from other virtual shops on the market by unearthing unique objects, each of which has a soul. They prefer to keep a smaller selection, but each object has its own story and cannot be found elsewhere.

For now, there is a selection of frames and vintage mats. Each of these frames is the subject of meticulous work. They were all found by Julie Cherrier at churches, home sales, yard sales… The prints that will go inside these frames are brand new, but have been chosen from classic works of art, whether it is a portrait, a still life or a landscape.

Similarly, all the rugs selected are unique, and most are also vintage, says Kimberley Pontbriand.

The website is designed in such a way that new objects are deposited in the shop on the 15th of each month. “Customers love it, it’s like our signature,” says Kimberley Pontbriand.

In mid-March, therefore, new frames and mats were added. And on April 15, a new category will appear: decorative items. In particular, you will find vases, figurines or even candlesticks, in brass, but also in sandstone. Moreover, during our call, the girls were carefully cleaning these objects by hand in order to photograph them and then put them online.

“On the website, I would say the majority of our products sold out within four days of release. It’s pretty quick,” says Kimberley Pontbriand. However, the girls have more than one trick up their sleeve. By subscribing to their newsletter, subscribers have access to the new selection one hour before it goes online. A good way to grab hold of the most interesting new products, before they go like hot cakes.